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Technical Tidbits 6/2

In which the SEC continues stirring the pot, and more.

Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson

Shaun Kagawa, one of Georgia Tech's newest recruits, is glad that he decided to become a Yellow Jacket, writes Dale McDuffie. Kagawa, an unrated recruit out of Hilo, Hawaii, is set to play safety this season at Tech, a role that will need some added depth come next season following the graduation of longtime starters Jamal Golden and Isaiah Johnson. Kagawa was previously committed to SMU and signed with the Mustangs in February before deciding to pursue other playing opportunities. SMU wasn't even the first stop for Kagawa in his college football journey-- he originally decided to play football at West Point before deciding that Army "wasn't for him". Kagawa better get ready to go to war with fellow safety Jamal Golden if he wants to wear that #4 jersey on the field.

Don't look now, but the SEC is considering devolving from DI athletics, along with the other "power conferences" in order to form a Division IV. These Power Five conferences want to be able to provide more for their student athletes, a move that the NCAA is strongly against because not all of the DI schools can afford to provide the expensive programs proposed by the SEC. When I first read the title of the article, I assumed that it was just some crazy speculation by just a few angry AD's, but it sounds like this whole thing could actually amount to some changes-- it's definitely worth keeping an eye on going forward. Oh, the turmoil that would create...

TGW caught up with former Georgia Tech defensive back Jahi Word-Daniels, who played for the Jackets from 2005-2008 under both Chan Gailey and Paul Johnson. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the man who had the honor of lining up against Calvin Johnson every day in practice-- the only one who lived to tell the tale. And he did it as a Yellow Jacket AND a Detroit Lion! Word-Daniels came back to finish his degree at Tech and 2011 and now works as a promotion specialist at RaceTrac Petroleum. (I wonder if it was sacrilegious for there to be an ad for Chevron right beside that little bit of info in the article?)

With all this talk of divisional realignment floating around, Troy Nunes Is An Absoulte Magician (great name for a blog) posed the following question: What if Georgia Tech and Louisville swapped divisions? It is an interesting question, but I'd be firmly against it going through. Being in the top-heavy Atlantic Division doesn't seem nearly as attractive as being a member of the who's gonna win it Coastal, but I can see where it would solve some issues. The Jackets would, however, have to sacrifice some historical series with Virginia Tech, Miami, and Duke-- I assume that they would play one of those each year as an inter-divisional rival (like Clemson is now), and I guess it'd be VPI.

Daily Debate: Would you support a Louisville for Georgia Tech swap in the ACC? What other trades would work out for the betterment of the conference?