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Mailbag 6/18 Questions

It's been a few weeks, and the 100 Days to Kickoff is in transition between series, so let's bring back the Mailbag.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Welcome back to the Mailbag, a sometimes-weekly-but-sometimes-intermittent feature here at FTRS where you get your questions answered pertaining to anything I (or another member of the staff) might be able to speak to. There are no limits here -- ask about Georgia Tech sports, the Braves, school, work, our personal lives, anything. (Just be sure that you actually want an answer to the question before you ask it.) We'll be back tomorrow with answers to your questions. I'd recommend adding a new comments (as opposed to replying to another) if you want to make sure I see a question you would like answered. For now, here are some topics you may want to know more about....

-- Georgia Tech Football's current recruiting class

-- Georgia Tech Football's near-future recruiting class

-- Georgia Tech Basketball's army of transfers

-- The World Cup to date (and in particular, Team USA, a.k.a. Team America, a.k.a. Team 'Murica)

-- The NBA Finals vs. the NHL FInals

-- How I feel about the Braves possibly starting current-minor-league C Christian Bethancourt in place of B.J. Upton

The floor is yours. Ask away!