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Technical Tidbits 6/17

Don't bet on the Jackets; the odds are not in your favor.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech signee Jalen Johnson can't wait to begin his first season as a Yellow Jacket-- he is one of many 2014 signees who will report to Tech tomorrow for the beginning of summer orientation. Among those not attending will be Kenderius Whitehead and (according to StingTalk) Myles Autry, who needs to take summer courses in order to pull his GPA up enough to meet Georgia Tech standards. Johnson will begin his career in the Tech secondary as a safety, where he will surely benefit from the veteran presence of players like Jamal Golden and Isaiah Johnson. As mentioned in the article, Johnson and other safeties lower on the depth chart will get more playing time this season as Tech integrates a 4-2-5 base defense, which uses three safeties in a lot of situations.

Georgia Tech shortstop Connor Justus is moving past the disappointing regional round exit at Ole Miss by picking himself up and readying for summer league play. Justus, along with Mattew Gorst and Matt Phillips, will play for the Asheboro Copperheads of the Coastal Plain League, which operates across the Carolinas and Virginia.  His summer league experience will surely help improve his already impressive repertoire of tools, but his bat is what could see the most improvement come next season-- He batted .254 during the 2013-14 season, a number which should take a big jump by the time his Tech career is over, feasibly even into the .300's.

Note: Daniel Spingola has still not signed with the Cubs and appears to still be deciding what move to make. He is the final Tech player who is yet to decide.

David Andrews, a center on the uga football team, was not pleased at all when he saw a person in a Georgia Tech hat walking around the uga campus last week. There's not a whole lot to say on the matter other than that the poor Tech fan must have felt so alone. I can only imagine the dirty looks he got from every single person he walked past on his way to wherever he was going. I was afraid that my car would get keyed because of the GT sticker on the back of it when I went to a basketball game up there, so that fellow with the hat deserves some serious respect in my book. Now we just need to make all of the uga fans on Tech's campus feel a bit less welcome...

The Vegas betting odds for hundreds of college football games were released earlier this week, and Georgia Tech is favored in exactly zero of the four games of theirs for which odds were released. Clemson is favored by six over the Jackets, VPI is favored by seven, Miami by four, and uga by fourteen. I'm not sure why they expect Virginia Tech, a team with a depleted defense and no proven quarterback, to beat the Jackets more handily than Clemson, but I at least feel that the projections are mostly fair. I'm still not buying uga as a contender this season (I have no idea why anyone is), so I'd disagree with the number they have for Clean, Old Fashioned Hate this season-- it should be much closer.

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