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Technical Tidbits 6/16

In which Georgia Tech receives its fourth transfer of the off-season.

New Yellow Jacket Charles Mitchell goes for a block against Daniel Miller
New Yellow Jacket Charles Mitchell goes for a block against Daniel Miller
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech has picked up yet another basketball transfer, the most recent one being former Maryland PF Charles Mitchell. Mitchell's decision to transfer was influenced by a desire to be closer to his ailing grandmother, who lives in Atlanta, and he is expected to get a hardship waiver and be eligible to play immediately. His transfer completes a trade (of sorts) with Maryland-- Robert Carter announced his intentions to become a Terp earlier this month. Mitchell will join three other transfers this off-season in Ole Miss's DeMarco Cox (PF/C), USF's Josh Heath (PG), and Alabama's Nick Jacobs (PF); Cox and Heath will both be eligible to play immediately. It's amazing how fast Tech's frontcourt materialized in the past few months-- four new power forwards (Guaye, Jacobs, Cox, Michell) and a center (Lammers) will all join the Jackets this season.

The Good Word caught up with former Georgia Tech QB Tevin Washington last week, and it would appear that his life is moving as fast as it ever did. Washington, who started for three full seasons at Tech, rushed for 20 touchdowns in his final year (2012), just one less than Johnny Manziel did during his 2012 Heisman Campaign, and led the Jackets to an ACC Championship berth and a bowl win over USC in 2012 alone. Washington was one of my favorite players to watch on Saturdays-- his speed and agility gave him great play making potential and he ran the offense wonderfully. According the article, he is currently an assistant manager with AT&T where he is surely putting his Tech degree to good use.

It seems like Georgia Tech's schedule has a mean streak in it every year, usually in the middle of the season with a stretch of Coastal opponents who happen to have a bye week before facing Tech (which obviously means autowin for them, or so ESPN's you-know-who says). This season's schedule seems much more forgiving in terms of tough stretches, with ESPN pinpointing the stretch of NCSU- bye week- Clemson- uga as the most difficult in the schedule. We usually end up with Clemson and uga back to back so that's nothing new, but I'm still not sure why NCSU changes anything. Their outlook isn't fantastic for this season, although I do agree that they have upset potential based upon past success against FSU and other teams.

Former Alabama WR Tyrone Prothro was shocked to find that he would have to pay a fee in order to include photos of himself in the book he was writing-- a practice that he (and most others) feel is unfair. I am going to spare you all a lecture on ethics and why this is a stupid practice, but it would frankly go on for too long and wouldn't be worth reading, so I'll save it for the comments. It's really a crazy story, which like all other stories recently, ties into the O'Bannon anti-trust lawsuit. Bottom line in my opinion: It makes no sense to charge someone for a picture of themselves.

Daily Debate: What is the biggest "tough stretch" in the 2014 football schedule? How about the easiest? (Not including FCS/beginning of season)

What is your position on the story of Tyrone Prothro?