An Evening with Joe Hamilton and Coach Lamar Owens, and some special guests!


The Savannah Network hosted Joe Hamilton and Coach Lamar Owens for an evening event 6/12/14 at Coach's Corner (our 'go-to" sports bar for Savannah area GT fans).


Joe gives an impressive talk:

  • His election to CFHOF means he played at a high level
  • WE ARE ALL the GT Nation
  • He has little tolerance for fans who are half on and half off the bus
  • He could still play, amazing shape!
  • Very friendly, especially with the kids.
  • Talked about his troubles and how he overcame them with hard work.
  • Wanted GT, even after they were coming off a 1-10 Season. Recruited by Nebraska, Penn State, Oklahoma(?), many others.
  • Passionate, earned his way up (based on size) and guts.
  • Live with no regrets
  • Joe Burns, the best player he ever played with. Dre Bly, the best he ever played against.
  • Amazed by the whole CFHOF 12/9/14 deal, still not sure it is real.
Coach Owens also gives an impressive talk about his role as a young Position Coach
  • CPJ has few rules beyond "do what's right", no curfew, but they do have breakfast check
  • They are looking for kids who want to compete and play now, not kids who want "da check" on the uni, or a certain letter on the helmet.
  • They seek and find the overlooked guy who comes into a camp and blows folks away. He mentioned a recent event, and we all know he's talking about Cottrell; but not by name. His work ethic, speed, etc put him on the radar very quickly.
  • He brings a lot of confidence to the position, especially since he is only a few years older than his A Backs.
  • Wears bright yellow ASICS with his suit, his recruiting uniform.
  • Like Joe, he was somewhat overlooked, sat on the bench in Pee Wee on his father's team. Earned the spot at Navy. Swept Army.
  • Reiterated the chalk talk we saw earlier this week from Coach Brooks - the GT pitch and the Oregon flare throw are the same except for how they go into the book.
  • Looking for the Jimmies and Joes who can compete and run the X's and O's.
  • Both men backed completely off the usual questions: who's the starting QB? CPJ: touchy feely or old school? Anything about recuiting.
We had at my count at least 4 former GT players in the house including William Bell. Couldn't get them all rounded up for a pic.

Bob Curley, Letterman; William Bell, Coach Lamar Owens, QBJH


QBJH signing the wall at Coach's. William Bell upper left (Natl Champs!), Coach Lamar lower right (THWG) and his high school; Benedictine in Savannah where he was the QB; and a damned good QB!

A great evening and we raised some additional money for the Scholarship fund for Next year!

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