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Technical Tidbits 6/13

Is Bobby Dodd 2.0 coaching the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers?

Coastal Carolina's Joe Moglia
Coastal Carolina's Joe Moglia
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Following the departure of special teams coordinator Dave Walkosky about a month ago, Georgia Tech hired his replacement in the form of Ray Rychleski, who the AJC profiled in a recent article. Rychleski should have a great group to work with on special teams this season with the return of top return man Jamal Golden, last season's interim return specialist DeAndre Smelter, kicker Harrison Butker, and some other key special teams contributors as well. The article mentioned punter Ryan Rodwell, a name that I hadn't heard a lot about lately. He was a two-star out of Deland, Florida and appears to have a very good leg based on his highlights (found below), but he'll have quite a big task ahead of him if he wants to replace Sean Poole as the full-time starter.

This next article is not really Georgia Tech related, although I did come across it on the StingTalk forum where someone suggested the coach in the article, Coastal Carolina's Joe Moglia, as a potential replacement for Paul Johnson should 2014 be his last season on The Flats. Moglia is a businessman-turned-coach with a philosophy that is eerily similar to that of Bobby Dodd-- no tackling allowed during practice, and a relaxed atmosphere surrounds his entire program. If you are like me, you had a preconceived notion that his teams were not successful based on what you read in the article. So naturally, I looked it up. The Chanticleers went 12-3 last year, one of those losses being to South Carolina and another to now three-time-defending FCS Champs North Dakota State. Moglia owns a career 20-8 record at CCU in two seasons. The man has a fascinating story and football philosophy-- it's worth reading.

Speaking of things on Georgia Tech forums, take a look at this thread posted yesterday. It is absolutely dripping with nostalgia in the form of some of the best moments in Georgia Tech history, everything from the 1990 championship to the 2011 upset over then No. 5 Clemson. I really had a great time going down the line and watching all of the videos, most of which I'd never seen, but many of which you all probably experienced live. Consider it my apology for all the negativity I've subjected you to in recent days!

Just in case you didn't see this link in the comment section of yesterday's post, be sure to take a look if you are clueless but willing to learn about the World Cup. It takes a bunch of different scenarios that are occurring or will occur during the World Cup and compares it to a similar occurrence in college football. Most of them seem spot on, and while I didn't expect to learn a whole lot when I started reading... I did learn quite a bit about what is going down in Rio. Now I just need a hockey guide and I'll be good to go.

Daily Debate: What are your thoughts on Coastal Carolina's Joe Moglia?

What are you favorite moments in Georgia Tech football history? Put some videos in the comments if  you can find any.