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Technical Tidbits 6/12

In which Paul Johnson advocates for change in the way recruits sign.

DeAndre Smelter in the Music City Bowl
DeAndre Smelter in the Music City Bowl
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

In light of all the early commitments Tech has gotten recently, some of which could be considered "soft", Paul Johnson has endorsed the idea to completely do away with signing day all together and simply allowing recruits to sign their scholarship offers whenever they receive them. It's an idea that has been around for a while, but as the article suggests it gained some bigger momentum after being brought up by Nebraska's Bo Pelini. I personally like the this idea more than that of an early signing period because a prospect could sign at any time as opposed to only during the early signing period and again on signing day. It would certainly eliminate the "soft commits" which were mentioned in the article; either you'd sign or not sign, so no more reservations.

Last season saw DeAndre Smelter make the transition from a full-time pitcher to a full-time starting wide receiver on the football team. He easily has the potential to go pro in either sport with a good final season (had he stuck with baseball), but he emphasized that he won't be taking the mound any time soon at any level after leaving the baseball team early this season. I never knew that his velocity took such a major dip from his time in high school-- from 96-97 down to 92-93 at Tech, illustrating a trend that he wasn't content with continuing as a pitcher. His above interview with TGW really serves to emphasize the commitment he has to the football team, and his goals are nothing to sneeze at either. If he really does want to go in the NFL Draft, a great senior season could accomplish that with relative ease-- the talent and athleticism is there, so the only thing he needs is the numbers to back it up.

The bright future for our young baseball team was a theme of the 2013 season. The young nucleus turned what could have been a disastrous season after losing so much MLB-caliber talent into a big success that saw the Jackets win the ACC and make a regional round appearance. Perhaps the best part is that all of the freshmen who played a big role this season will be back for 2014. Elliot Barzilli, Brandon Gold, Ryan Peurifoy, Arden Pabst, Ben Parr, Keenan Innis, and Connor Justus are all rising sophomores who will likely be in starting assignments come next season. Add that to the return of Matt Gonzalez and hopefully Daniel Spingola in the outfield and you are looking at a top-notch lineup, not to mention three cannon-armed outfielders.  Returning pitchers such as Devin Stanton, Ben Parr, Jonathon King, and Cole Pitts will anchor the rotation, so I'm excited for 2014. It aught to be a good season for baseball at Tech.

This article honestly just makes me want to meet Chris Bosh really badly. Sure, I'd have a fanboy heart attack, but what Tech fan wouldn't? I still just can't see how a guy who has done literally nothing to anyone except play his hardest can take so much hate from everyone. At any rate, the article above does a great job summing up the changes he has made to his game since his days at Tech and in Toronto, all of which have led to a great run in Miami. He's a very interesting character to say the least.

Daily Debate: How do you suggest fixing the recruit signing issue? Use an early signing period or take the Paul Johnson approach? While you're at it, explain to me why Chris Bosh gets so much hate from everyone. It's crazy. Come play for the Hawks, we'll appreciate you.