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Technical Tidbits 6/10

Because who needs regular advertising campaigns when you can use the Miami method instead?


With the MLB Draft behind us, let's take a moment to examine the future (and past) of baseball at Georgia Tech. As the article says, Sam Clay's career as a Yellow Jacket is as good as over; he was drafted in the fourth round by the Twins, who will probably offer him a contract that will be hard to refuse. That will probably be the toughest loss to overcome, but if Grimes, Heddinger, and especially Spingola decide to  sign professionally there would be some really big gaps in the lineup and rotation. As far as the future, the major renovation at the Rusty C should make a huge difference in recruiting, surely bolstering the already phenomenal job Danny Hall already does at Tech. As mentioned in the link, Tech will need some more power come next season, but I'm not sure exactly where that would come from. I honestly expected Matt Gonzalez, who finished second in last year's home run derby, to send quite a few over the fence, but it never materialized. He's certainly capable, so I'd expect more power from him next season. That's just my two cents, at least.

Brandon Gaudin, voice of the Jackets, went inside the triple-option with assistant coach Bryan Cook to discuss CPJ's unique offense. I loved the very first thing they talked about more than anything-- how come when Oregon and Auburn rethink college offense they are "revolutionary" or "innovators", but when CPJ does it he is just running a lowly high school scheme? That's a very good question. The video is great if you want to learn more (a lot more) about Tech's offense; it's probably the best informational video I've seen on the topic. Basically, if you want to know what they are talking about on TV during the game, watch that video. It will be worth it.

Brad Waggoner is one of the bravest men in the world. Why? Because he had the guts to pester Paul Johnson for the past five years as he vied for an opportunity to coach at Georgia Tech. Based solely upon the above article, Waggoner seems like he will bring a very refreshing attitude to the Tech coaching staff. Guys who want a job that badly usually do their job considerably better than others, and you just have to respect someone with the drive to work on this staff for a long time. It certainly doesn't hurt that Waggoner was a high school coach in some of the hottest recruiting ares in the nation, most of which are in the southeast. His recruiting help should be a great asset for the Tech staff which has already lost a few major players this offseason.

As you can see by their school colors, Miami doesn't like to do things according to the status quo. Their new advertising campaign, however, might take the cake for the most counterintuitive methodology in all of the NCAA. That's right, Miami is advertising with the bold words "Go To Fewer Games!" at the top of their ads. The deal is a ticket package that combines the FSU and UNC games in an effort to boost attendance versus UNC, which hasn't drawn very well for the Canes lately. It's an interesting idea (I wish more teams would do two game packs), but only time will tell if it's effective. Maybe they are relying on the campaign getting national attention, therefore raising ticket sales despite urging people not to buy tickets. That's obscure and doesn't make sense, but I'll call it counter-counterintuitive(™), because why not?

Daily Debate: Would taking an advertising approach similar to that of Miami help Tech? Which 2014 games would benefit from said approach?