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Technical Tidbits 5/9

Today's Tidbits are, surprisingly, NFL Draft-themed.

Maybe one of my favorite pictures ever.
Maybe one of my favorite pictures ever.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Ed. Note: With Cade occupied by standardized testing, the onus of the Tidbits has fallen back onto your fearless leader. The same fearless leader woke up this morning and was in the shower, when all of a sudden it struck him that he had said onus. So without any further delay...

You know, we give uga a lot of crap about their school being easy, or at least way easier than ours. (And rightfully so.) That said, I've gained a lot of respect for their school's difficulty after a pair of female students requested being hit by a car so that they wouldn't have to take their finals.. Yes, ladies, those finals are pretty scary. Bravo for trying to take the clever way out.

OH SWEET BABY JESUS, IT'S HAPPENING! (But as soon as I'm gone, of course.)

In last night's draft, Johnny "JFF" Manziel landed in Cleveland with the Browns, which is hilarious by itself. Then the story came out about how he ended up in Cleveland, and my goodness it all just got so much better.

In case you weren't watching (or just didn't really care but now are a little curious), here are the rest of the results of the NFL Draft's first round. And, well, because what's a Draft without extensive, excessive coverage, here are the first round's draft grades.

Speaking of excessive Draft coverage, with the first round over, here's a mock draft of what the second round might look like. Spoiler alert, it includes one of our own...but is he a little too low for his ability?

Daily discussion: Do you even care about the Draft? Are you happy with who your team took? (Or that they traded back, in the case of a couple of teams.) Where do you see Jeremiah Attaochu landing? Is he gone by the end of the 3rd round tonight? Would you ever consider hiring a hitman to avoid taking finals? (Only the important discussions being had here at FTRS.)