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Mailbag 5/6

Our Mailbag feature makes its triumphant return, with discussions covering all sorts of areas in Georgia Tech athletics and a lot, lot more.

Travis Jorgenson makes silly faces.
Travis Jorgenson makes silly faces.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Any word on what happened with Coach Walk leaving?

Things have been very quiet on that front. It's strange because more often than not, they'll put out a release about it with some sort of info (he was fired, elected to take a job elsewhere, etc). This one though is very quiet, and what little we do know makes me think we won't find out much more than we already have.

There is a carosuel at the National Zoo in DC? And on that carosuel there is a yellowjacket upon which one can sit and go up and down as the music plays? And that yellowjacket was sponsored by the Alumni of Georgia Tech? Because I didn’t until just this weekend.

I didn't, but that's pretty awesome. #YellowJacketNation

Anything you can share about recruits? I heard anecdotal comments that lots of recruits were in town for the spring game and almost to a person that had nothing but raves about the time they had. Anything from the horses mouth you want to share?

I don't know too much specific, but from what I've read, all of the guys who were able to show up did have a really good time. I think that's something a lot of folks are surprised by, that they show up and actually end up having a great time while becoming impressed with the product we have to offer.

I had heard that one kid was dying to commit and was going to do so by the end of that week. What ever happened there?

We did, and I'd be willing to bet that he's a guy we would really like to have. We rejected his commitment because of concerns about grades. He's got work to do in the classroom, but then we'll welcome his commitment. Hopefully he's still interested at that point.

Is it possible to get packerman to make a positive comment?

Yes, you just have to hack his account. :-)

We know how many hits this site gets. What can you tell us about how many regulars there are that visit the site but don’t post comments? And what do past and current football players tell you about their reactions to content and comments?

I don't know a lot of specifics here, but I'll tell you what I do know. First, this site gets an awful lot of visitors that aren't registered, and still more that are registered with a total of less than 10 comments in their multi-year histories. That being said, the reactions are mixed for current and past players. I've only specifically spoken with one (prominent) former player about it, and he tells me he thoroughly enjoys the site. (That was also nearly 2 years ago -- his opinion may have changed if my style has changed.) I get the impression that there are also a few football alumni (relatively recent) out there who like the site for the reality that it looks at. That said, there are current players who probably aren't the biggest fans.

This delves into a discussion I'm planning to have later this week or next week, but the long and short of it is that I see myself as a pretty straight shooter on this site. If someone's playing well, I point that out. If there's a guy fans should know that I have high hopes and expectations for, I point that out. (I think our defense has at least 4-5 guys who have NFL potential -- Johnson, Golden, Gotsis, and Nealy at the very least.) Similarly, if there's a guy struggling, I'll point that out too. I don't think any of Georgia Tech's teams are perfect. I also don't think any of them are a complete dumpster fire. I like to call it how I see it, which involves taking some negative with the positives. Some players don't appreciate that I'm not a complete and total homer, but the fact is that I am what I am.

If recruits, current players, and/or coaches read the blog. If they do, do they ever scroll through the comments?

I can't say for sure, but I'd be surprised if they did. I tend to think that the coaches and players concern themselves a lot more with what's being "officially" said than with what others say about what's being said, if that makes sense.

What sort of odds do you give that CPJ will still be the coach of the Yellow Jackets as of 1/15/15?

This is a very tough question. It hinges on how many wins he gets this year. I've said before that I think 8 wins is the baseline for what has to happen if he's to keep his job, though it may require 9. That said, I'll be pretty disappointed if we can't win 9 games this fall. Even with some of the reloading that has to happen on offense, this team is capable of 9 wins in my eyes. Then again, a lot of the fan base is becoming very restless with the situation.

There's a lot at play here. If I'm to put a number on it, I'll guess 60%. But that's a fairly blind guess.

What do you think about Bobinski's comments WRT a 9-game schedule?

Not sure which comments you're referring to. If you can link them, I'll definitely comment on them.

What is your spirit animal?

Koala. Sleeps 20 hours a day, eats the other 4.

What will you be drinking on Cinco de Mayo?

Nothing, apparently. I worked pretty late.

What is the legality of mailing alcohol between states?

It's only illegal if you get caught.

Do you want to do a beer swap between Atlanta and Houston?

YES. Please send MNB Drafty Kilt.

What is your fondest memory of Georgia Tech from 2009 to present?

The 2009 Saturday night, Homecoming win over Virginia Tech.

The silence on this blog in regards to intercollegiate volleyball is deafening. What’s your take on new coach Michelle Collier, and where do you see the future of Yellow Jacket Volleyball?

Well based on this neat infographic I found on the Google machine, she seems pretty OK. So moving forward, I'll say this is a dynasty that'll put Jimmy Johnson and Miami to shame.

What is the best major that Georgia Tech offers? And why is it Industrial Engineering?

Definitely Industrial Engineering. Oh, good question! Because we can do business things.

Which North Carolina city is the best?

Seeing as it's the only one I've been to (and I thoroughly enjoyed my limited time there), I'm going with Charlotte.

Which state makes better beer, California or Michigan?

Without having had beer from either, California. It seems like way more of a craft beer type of place. Michigan seems more like a moonshine type of place.

Who among today’s crowd of beautiful young ladies is woman enough to wear the sweater?

Without a doubt in my mind...old friend (and recent celebrity), Kristen Jolley.

The golf team is ranked #5 in the nation, and was just awarded the #1 seed of the Raleigh regional. Also featuring one of the best golfers in the nation in Ollie Schneiderjans. Thoughts on how far they advance in the NCAAT?

The sky's the limit for this squad. They lost in the national semi-finals last year to eventual champion Alabama, and seem to be on just as much of a hot streak this year. Their recent showing at the ACC Championships was thoroughly impressive (they won by a 4- or 5-shot margin IIRC). I'm thinking this is the year they bring home another title.

What’s your prediction for next year's basketball team? Win loss record? I will go 20-12 and an NCAA Tournament appearance.

This is going to be an interesting season. We've lost a lot of players, and their talent as well as experience, but there's still a lot of hope for this squad. I think Coach Gregory's back is up against the wall, and I've heard things (which I'm not at liberty to reveal) that suggest he realizes his back is against the wall. What I think that indicates is that he'll be coaching for his job, meaning you'd better believe he'll do his best job. That said, while this team has struggled over the past few seasons, I don't think anyone wants to blame much of it on Coach Gregory. Quite frankly, he's been dealt a pretty crappy hand with all of the odd things that have happened in the way of injuries, offensive cold streaks, etc. A lot of folks have high expectations for the program this fall, and I'm one of them. The team has to stay healthy, and I think they can. I'm thinking they'll go 22-10, and be on the bubble at the very least. I think that's enough for Coach Gregory to keep his job, and that some subsequent stability does this program a lot of good.