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Mailbag 5/6 Questions

We're resurrecting this feature after a few months of inactivity.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

We'll get to business in a second, but first things first: Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I hope each and every one of you (except Cade) plan on celebrating America's favorite "Mexican holiday that's only a little bit Mexican and mostly celebrated by people that aren't actually Mexican", which falls annually about a month and a half after America's favorite "Irish holiday that's only sorta Irish and mostly celebrated by people that aren't actually Irish". Whatever, this is America, we like to drink, and I'm fine with any excuse folks come up with to validate drinking on Mondays. So enjoy.

Now, on to business. It's been nearly 3 months since our last mailbag. The questions were drying up, so I elected to take it on a hiatus. Now that we have people back in town on a regular basis (there were 559 comments last week on only 10 articles, as of midnight EST on Monday), maybe this is something we can give another shot.

For those new to the program, our Mailbag feature consists of you, the commentariat, asking questions about anything -- including (but not limited to) Georgia Tech football, Georgia Tech basketball, Georgia Tech baseball, Georgia Tech current events, Georgia Tech history, Atlanta stuff, things about my or any of our writers' lives, and basically anything else (not extending to politics or religion -- apparently that's for 20-25 comments into other threads).  Tomorrow, I'll put out an article with responses, assuming I can get responses from others on staff about things as need be. It's meant to be a way to give you better insight into what's happening in Georgia Tech sports, or even just to get to know me and the staff better.

That being said, here's to hoping this resurrection doesn't fall on its face. Ask away!