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Beesball Shuts Out Clemson 3-0

The Yellow Jackets may get to play again on Sunday after a shutout against Clemson.

The Yellow Jackets won, in part, due to "Trusty" Dusty's 5.0 shutout innings.
The Yellow Jackets won, in part, due to "Trusty" Dusty's 5.0 shutout innings.
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

"Trusty" Dusty Isaacs and Sam Clay combined to pitch 9.0 innings of shutout ball en route to a 3-0 victory and a chance to play in the ACC Championship game.

The Yellow Jackets scored their first run in the top of the fifth inning off of a bases-loaded single from Thomas Smith to drive in Daniel Spingola. The last couple runs came off of a two-run blast from Mott Hyde in the ninth inning to seal the game up.

The offense played well at the end of the game, but "Trusty" Dusty and Sam Clay were the heroes of this game. In their combined 9.0 innings the dynamic duo shutout the Tigers, while only allowing four hits (all singles). Not to mention they also combined for 13 strikeouts.

It was a great game, and it gave the Yellow Jackets the possibility of playing in the ACC Championship game. Should Miami beat Duke on Saturday, the Yellow Jackets are in to likely play Maryland on Sunday at 1:00 PM. If Duke wins, however, the Blue Devils will be in. Just a note: in their season series, Miami swept Duke.

Should we make it to the Championship game, redshirt-junior LHP Devin Stanton (I apologize for every time this season I've called him a senior; I recently found out he wasn't) would likely get the start, since he has yet to start a game in the ACC Tournament.

What do y'all think of our chances? Can Miami beat Duke? Do we have to cheer for Miami or can we just root against Duke?