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Technical Tidbits 5/23

Joe Ham! Joe Ham! Joe Ham!

I COULD NOT find a relevant picture after ten minutes, so enjoy the yellow dudes.
I COULD NOT find a relevant picture after ten minutes, so enjoy the yellow dudes.
Scott Cunningham

It's official! Former Georgia Tech star Joe Hamilton will be enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame, located right here in Atlanta. He will be a part of a class that includes fifteen other players and coaches, including one other player from a current ACC school (UNC's Drey Bly). Congrats to Joe Ham for continuing that tradition of excellence-- it sure seems to me that having a Hall of Famer on your recruiting staff would get you some serious brownie points with recruits.

Tech is on the brink of landing another prospect for the upcoming season, this one in the form of Hawaii native Shaun Kagawa. Kagawa is expected to play safety (according to Eric of GTSwarm) if he does in fact commit to Tech, but he spent most of his college career as a corner. I bet there is a very interesting story to be heard about how he narrowed his choices down to Georgia Tech, Hawaii, and Wyoming of all places, but if he ends up a Jacket it should bring some good depth to a secondary that will be relatively depleted after this season.

With their loss to Duke yesterday, the Jackets don't have another loss to give if they hope to advance in the ACC Tournament-- one more loss spells elimination. In order to advance, the Jackets would need a Duke loss to the Canes and a win over the Clemson Tigers, both of which are doable but neither of which would come easily. Clemson boasts a balanced attack with one of the best pitching staffs in the ACC and a dangerous lineup, meaning that the Jackets will have to deliver across the board if they want to advance.

The ACC may struggle with credibility in football in terms of strength of schedule, but this season it does boast eleven schools within the top fifty of SOS in the nation. While the above article doesn't touch on Georgia Tech's out of conference schedule, it does give some good feedback on the rigorous schedules that some of the other ACC schools will face, especially Miami. The Canes will have cross-divisional games against FSU and Louisville as well as out-of-conference games against Cincinnati and a road trip to the always hostile Cornhusker territory. The Jackets will face uga, Tulane, Georgia Southern, and the feared Wofford Terriers as out of conference opponents this season.

Daily Debate: With the ACC requiring schools to schedule "Power Five" opponents starting in 2016, which team would be a good fit for Tech? (Pretend they don't play the dwags every year)

Happy Friday!