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Technical Tidbits 5/20

Four Jackets are named to the All-ACC team, Nick Saban hates the media, and more on today's edition of Technical Tidbits.

Robert Carter, Jr. and Syracuse's Tyler Ennis
Robert Carter, Jr. and Syracuse's Tyler Ennis
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The AJC broke down and examined former Yellow Jacket Robert Carter, Jr.'s decision to transfer away from Tech, but his decision remains one of the more puzzling ones of the off-season so far. Out of all the schools that Carter seems to be considering, very few have a better shot at getting into the NCAA Tournament than Tech does and even fewer play in a conference with the prestige of the ACC. Maryland has been plagued with major transfers and hasn't experienced success lately, South Carolina is in the midst of a long post-season drought, and St. John's is playing in a depleted Big East. If he does choose one of those three schools, it is hard to see him being any more likely to get to the NBA. Maryland is poised to struggle in a loaded B1G and South Carolina and SJU are playing in conferences that have seen better days. Maybe someone else can make more sense out of this than me, but I'm still confused.

Four Yellow Jackets were named to the All-ACC team following a solid 2013-14 campaign that saw the Jackets make the ACC Tournament with one of the youngest rosters in the NCAA. Matt Gonzalez, Daniel Spingola, and Thomas Smith represented the Jackets on the second-team All-ACC roster while Mott Hyde overcame a tough start to find himself on the third-team roster. Perhaps the most encouraging part of this is that all but Hyde will return for at least one more season (barring draft interference), so Tech certainly has a solid foundation in place for the start of the next season.

I'm liking Nick Saban less and less every day, and the comments he made regarding the recruiting scandal involving Pat White didn't help our longstanding relationship at all. "Is that the best thing we can talk about?" seems like a pretty invalid statement when you are talking about bribing five star recruits to come and win multiple championships at your football powerhouse to me. It was a weak response to an important question and I personally have even more doubts now than I did before about the whole situation-- you can at least deny that it happened, but don't act clueless about it. Some players get cars and others get girlfriends, I guess. Well played, Alabama.

You may have heard the story of Adam Muema, the San Diego State RB who left the NFL draft combine because the big man said he would be drafted by the Seahawks. His life since then, as detailed in this fantastic article, has been... interesting to say the least. I have done some research in the past on the group he is associating himself with, a religious group (to put it sensitively) which believes that certain religious figures will have a second coming and that they will be spared from the end of the world. I'm scared to write about this because I fear that Lord Rayel may smite me with his supreme whatever he does, but Muema's decision is certainly questionable and very interesting.

Daily Debate: Muema just has a very interesting situation, so I'd like to hear what everyone has to say about it. Officially, the daily debate is in regards to where Carter will end up. What school gives him everything he is looking for if Tech doesn't?

Go Jackets!