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Technical Tidbits 5/19

In which the correlation between a coach's pay and success and more is examined.

Jeremiah "Jerry" (?) Attaochu
Jeremiah "Jerry" (?) Attaochu
Kent Horner

The field is set for the ACC tournament and Georgia Tech will face off with the Wake Forest Demon Deacons in a one-game play in series. The winner will enter a pool with Duke, Miami, and Clemson, against whom the Jackets went 5-1 in the regular season. That record includes a home sweep over Duke and a series win on the road against Miami, but the Jackets didn't face Clemson in the regular season. Tech went 1-2 versus Wake Forest in Atlanta back in March, a series which saw the Tech pitching staff allow 21 runs in the first two games combined.

Mini-link: The San Diego Chargers signed four of their six draft picks, but Jeremiah Attaochu was not one of them. Negotiations will continue between Sneezy and the team in the coming days, so stay tuned to see what kind of deal he gets. The article lists him as Jerry Attaochu, which I'd never heard before. Is that the name he goes by or am I just clueless?

Former Georgia Tech commit Travis Custis will not be transferring to Georgia Military College as expected, but to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas. This pretty much eliminates all hope of Custis returning to Tech as some thought, so Paul Johnson will almost certainly have a hole to fill at B-Back in the near future. Custis was a four star recruit with a lot of potential and the talent to become an impact player at Tech from day one, and his departure will be felt despite him never taking a snap as a Yellow Jacket.

The folks over at Blogger So Dear put together a very nice article about how pay correlates with winning for a head coach. You can see a pretty clear relationship based on the chart they created, and it would appear that Paul Johnson is right where you'd expect him-- right in the middle of the pack as far as pay and winning percentage. He has a career .594 winning percentage and made 2.5 million dollars in 2013, making him one of the more successful coaches in the ACC in this regard. Only NC State's Dave Doeren gets paid more and has a lower win percentage than Paul Johnson, and he just finished his first season, so he doesn't have the personnel he needs in place yet.

Daily Debate: Does the pay of a coach actually correlate with the success he experiences at his school in all of the NCAA (not just the ACC)? Is Paul Johnson's standing on the chart from the above article positive or negative?