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Who are Your Favorite GT Coaches?

The final installment for this series.


For the final installment of this series, I'm going to change things up a little bit. Instead of picking your five favorite head coaches, pick your favorite head coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator. You can list as many as you want to for each category, since some were complaining about only being able to pick five. So without further ado, here are my favorite GT coaches:

Head Coach - Bobby Dodd

Is this even a question? The namesake for our stadium, Bobby Dodd is arguably the greatest coach in Georgia Tech's history. While never personally experiencing him as a coach, I have still always been a huge fan of the way he coached. The man did absolutely nothing at Georgia Tech except win. In his 22 years at Georgia Tech, Dodd won 71% of his games, nine of 13 bowl games, and the 1952 National Championship.

I would like to share a couple parts of a book my parents got me a while back Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Great Moments in Team History.

How did he build a dynasty at an engineering school with a style of play foreign in the South? Short answer: He made football fun. Fun to watch. Fun to play. Fun to coach. He may have kept his distance from the daily workings at practice, but he remained close to his players. Whereas his peers' practice fields resembled a combat zone, Dodd's often resembled a summer camp. Dodd's Jackets rarely hit during the week. Practices were short and often included touch football games. Friday practices almost always featured a volleyball game. "The only thing he asked for was discipline," Don Ellis said.

Dodd would call for a quick kick on a muddy field or in third-down-and-long situations. His teams often pinned unsuspecting opponents in bad field position with the kicks. And if his team was stuck back on its goal line, he'd order his quarterback to take a safety. Better to give up 2 points and be allowed to kick off than surrender 6 or get caught in a field-position game. "We beat SMU one year 6-4," said Pepper Rodgers, referring to a 1953 game. "We had the lead. He had me take intentional safeties. That's how smart he was."

Some more accomplishments of Bobby Dodd: a 31-game winning streak that spanned from the end of the 1950 season until the sixth game of the 1953 season and an 8-game winning streak over the mutts that lasted from 1949 until 1956, where Dodd's teams never allowed the mutts to score more than 12 points. He is my favorite coach, bar none.

Offensive Coordinator - Paul Johnson

Of course he counts. Georgia Tech's website has Paul Johnson listed as the Head Coach and the Offensive Coordinator. I know not everyone loves him, but for the sake of this article, I'm only looking at him as an offensive coordinator. I love watching CPJ's option attack (this is the name I give it since neither "triple option" nor "spread option" accurately describe it). To me, it's just fun to watch. I also read earlier that in 2012, CPJ's offense average around 37 ppg against ACC opponents. Yeah, I'll take an offense that can do that.

Defensive Coordinator - Jon Tenuta

Man, I really miss this guy. I'll be honest and say that Jon Tenuta is the guy that I wanted Georgia Tech to hire after the firing of Chan Gailey. I loved watching his defenses. Just like CPJ's offenses, if it is done right, watch out.

Those are my favorite coaches. What are yours?