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Technical Tidbits 5/16

Ole Miss center DeMarco Cox expresses interest in Tech, Robert Carter breaks the silence regarding his transfer, the Tech offense searches for answers, and more on today's edition of Technical Tidbits.

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DeMarco Cox
DeMarco Cox
Kevin C. Cox

The AJC sat down with Robert Carter, Jr. to discuss his decision to transfer from Tech. Based solely upon what Carter said in the interview, it doesn't seem like there was any turbulence in his relationship with Brian Gregory or anyone else on the team, and said "I just felt like I needed to put myself in a better position  to accomplish the goals that I set for myself" when asked about his decision. That could mean any number of things; tired of losing? Not feeling like he was developing? Not comfortable in the offensive system? It's up for debate until further details are released, but it seems like there may be more to the story. If you "love a team" and are going to  a "great school" (as Carter said), it doesn't make much sense to leave it unless something is going wrong.

Carter may be on his way out, but former Ole Miss center DeMarco Cox has expressed some serious interest in becoming a Yellow Jacket for the upcoming season. Cox, who is entering his senior season, would be eligible to play immediately after completing his degree this year. He is a bit undersized for the center position at just 6'-8", and his season numbers from 2013 reflect a struggle to be effective as the season wore on, averaging just 4.2 points and 3.9 rebounds in 16.6 minutes per game last season. He would add some much needed depth to the Tech front-court and would probably compete with incoming freshman Ben Lammers for the starting center job. Cox could also see some time at PF along with Quinton Stephens and Abdoulaye Guaye if he decides to transfer to Tech.

Paul Johnson is understandably disappointed in DE Jabari Hunt-Days, who will be academically ineligible for this upcoming season. Hunt-Days would have played a big role in anchoring the Tech defense this season, but you know... education. There shouldn't be any lack of depth at the DE/OLB position at Tech this season even with Hunt-Days's ineligibility, but it is a big blow nonetheless.

The Jackets have been watching the Braves too much lately; as their pitching staff continues to operate at a high level, the offense just keeps evaporating. You can hardly criticize them for struggling to hit versus the No. 1 Wahoos on the road last weekend, but hanging only two runs (both on wild pitches) against a uga team that was having a staff day on Tuesday just won't get it done when the Jackets have their play-in game against an undetermined ACC opponent in just a few short weeks.

It is amazing how nice items, such as cars, randomly appear in the hands of recruits that decide to commit to some of the powerhouse schools of the nation. Good thing nothing fishy is going on there.... oh wait? Alabama reportedly offered Pat White what now? A Corvette? That seems fair. You can watch Nick Saban refute the claims here, but he is hardly an objective source. If the report is true, I have some serious issues with that...

Daily Debate: How do you interpret Robert Carter's reasoning for transferring from Tech? Is there something else going on that no one is letting on to?

Have a great weekend.