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Technical Tidbits 5/15

Shoo, dwags. Find your own talent. Paws off our (ex) power forward.

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Robert Carter, Jr.
Robert Carter, Jr.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Bobinski and Georgia Tech rejected the dwags when they requested to sit down with Robert Carter, adding the not-so-university to the list of schools that Carter may not transfer to because Tech plays them annually. If Carter did decide to transfer to uga or an ACC school, he would be forced to sit for two years before being allowed to take the court. Some uga officials are disappointed in the decision by Bobinski to not allow talks between Carter and the school considering uga released Daniel Miller, who made his way to Tech, but paws off, dwags. If we can't have him, no one can (or at least no one we play regularly).

TGW caught up with former Tech receiver Tyler Melton, who is making a name for himself as a district sales manager for Coca Cola. Melton finished his career at Tech with 33 receptions for 461 yards and one touchdown, playing a big role for what was a prolific Tech receiving core. You can also see an article catching up with a recent uga graduate right here.

Before you buy a sparkly new Final Four ring off of eBay, make sure it doesn't belong to assistant athletic director Dean Buchan, whose home was burglarized a few days ago. Among the things stolen were Final Four rings, watches, jerseys, and various other mementos from his coaching career. If you do see anything for suspicious for sale, do tell someone about it-- Buchan is a nice guy and friend to the blog.

Florida State's Jimbo Fisher is calling for an extra year of eligibility for college players, writes USA Today. A fifth year of eligibility would certainly give all of the players more time to develop (maybe if it applied to basketball we would still have a certain PF on roster), and Jimbo for one cannot see anything wrong with the idea. While five years of playing time would give your team more time to develop (who wouldn't want Attaochu back again?), don't forget that the opposition would develop as well. I say this because I am very content with Logan Thomas's newly acquired professional status-- no more Jacket whacking for that Hokie.

Georgia Tech finished second in the conference (behind Duke) this year in the category of APR scores with a 983. The Jackets improved or stayed equal in 14 of 17 sports and continue to boast a much improved academic football team since Paul Johnson was hired. Three ACC schools finished ahead of the SEC leader in APR (Mizzou), and Georgia Tech finished 15 points higher than rival uga. And then there was Oklahoma State, which did, uh... this.

Daily Debate: Would an extra year of eligibility be beneficial to college sports, including basketball, baseball, and football?

Have a good Thurday.