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2014 NFL Draft Profile: Jay Finch

Jay Finch finished off his senior year at Georgia Tech in excellent fashion. He's an athletic center who has the size to be an intriguing prospect for teams when undrafted FA begins.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

When looking at the center position in the NFL Draft, there's only a handful of players who are selected since NFL teams usually hold one roster spot for the position. Many teams have a guard who can slide over and play if need be, which makes the center position a rarely drafted one each year. This year there are five to six players who are expecting to hear their names called and unfortunately for us, Jay Finch won't be one of them.

While Finch dealt with nagging injuries throughout this career, he managed to play through the pain and be productive for the Yellow Jackets. He's an athletic lineman who has the strength necessary to open up holes in the run game and gets leverage on less talented opponents. His biggest area of concern is, like any OL from this scheme, how he'll hold up in pass protection. He was asked to do this so few times in college compared to other top prospects that there is a lot of mystery in his game. With the NFL continuing to move towards a passing league, teams can't use a pick on a C who may or may not be able to pass block.

Strengths: Strength, Prototypical Size, Run Blocking, Athleticism, Leverage

Weaknesses: Experience in Pass Blocking, Durability, Footwork/Technique

Verdict: Finch has been an above average starting C in college football and has a lot of things to offer an NFL franchise. Since he lacks the necessary experience for what teams are looking for, he'll need to continue to improve his technique in pass blocking situations. While Finch will not hear his name called on draft day, there's a very good chance he will sign with a team as an undrafted FA, where he'll get a chance to make a team's practice squad. The ideal situation for Finch would be to make a PS and sit for a few years while he is groomed to become a potential starting option. The chances of one day becoming a starter in the NFL are slim, but he has the size and athleticism to at least have a chance. He's played through injuries and has overcome a lot to be a successful player during his time here at Tech though, so I wouldn't put it past him.