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72 Georgia Tech Athletes Set to Graduate

This weekend's graduation will see a number of faces on the way out of Georgia Tech, after a number of unique journeys, and on a number of unique paths.

T.J. Barnes

This weekend, Georgia Tech will celebrate its Spring 2014 commencement. As with every semester, those ceremonies will include a number of students who have spent a lot of time away from their studies, instead on a practice field, in a weight room, in a film room, on a bus or plane, or, most importantly, on the field of play.

What's interesting, though, is that not everyone gets there on the same path. Some leave and come back, like T.J. Barnes, Gary Guyton, or Joshua Nesbitt. Others have their athletic careers cut short, but are able to stay and finish the drill, such as Denzel McCoy. Some put themselves through the gauntlet of athletics and school, all without a scholarship as motivation to keep playing, like Matt Connors or Ben Keith. Others play sports where most fans have never seen them. Still others don't actually play the sports at all, but play a crucial role in supporting them.

Whatever the journey has consisted of, they now join an elite family that they've been dreaming of joining since signing their letters of intent. They'll get a diploma that will open more doors than most any other diploma would. Whether the pros are in their future or not, they'll end up successful in one way or another -- a guarantee that very few institutions can offer, and one ours is proud to profess.

For a list of those athletes graduating this weekend, see below. Please help in congratulating these men and women (one of whom I know to be a member of this community) as they join me alongside the ranks of Georgia Tech Alumni everywhere!

First Last Degree Sport
Christopher Bailey BSBA Football
Terence (TJ) Barnes BSMGT Football
Matthew Connors BSBA Football
Shawn Green BSMGT Football
Gary Guyton BSBA Football
Benjamin Keith BSECON Football
Denzel McCoy BSMGT Football
Justin Moore BSMGT Football
Joshua Nesbitt BSBA Football
Charles Perkins BSMGT Football
Jared Polak BSBA Football
Sean Poole BSPUBP Football
Anthony Williams BSMGT Football
Kammeon Holsey BSSTC Men's Basketball
Daniel Miller BSMGT Men's Basketball
Jason Morris BSMGT Men's Basketball
Jasmine Blain BSHTS Women's Basketball
Frida Fogdemark BSHTS Women's Basketball
Dawnn Maye BSSTC Women's Basketball
Erica Thompson BSBA/CE Women's Basketball
Jennifer Colson BSID Cheer
Patrick Loeffler BSBCHM Cheer
Chelsea Owen BSBMED Cheer
Cameron Smith BSCS Cheer
Sidni Vaughn BSPSYC Cheer
Lauren Burtz BSHTS Dance
Kristina Miller BSIE Dance
Bo Andrews BSMGT Golf
Seth Reeves BSMGT Golf
Richard Werenski BSMGT Golf
Eric Chiu BSID Men's Swimming
Jacob Johnson BSBMED Men's Swimming
Christer Karl BSIE Men's Swimming
Christopher Khosravi BSME Men's Swimming
Anton Lagerqvist BSIE Men's Swimming
Samuel Morgan BSBA Men's Swimming
Andreas Nilsson BSBC Men's Swimming
Ryan Salmon BSME Men's Swimming
Patrick Barron BSNRE Men's Track/Crs Ctry
Christian Erdman BSBMED Men's Track/Crs Ctry
Austin Gutierrez BSME Men's Track/Crs Ctry
Obiandu Igwe BSIE Men's Track/Crs Ctry
Cameron Reid BSEE Men's Track/Crs Ctry
Shawn Roberts BSME Men's Track/Crs Ctry
Hayley Downs BSBA Softball
Alysha Rudnik BSBA Softball
Giulian Garruba BSBA Student Manager
Hannah Gebresilassie BSBA Student Manager
Ivi Hoxhaj BSBMED Student Manager
John Kenny BSBA Student Manager
Edward Prasch BSBA Student Manager
Chase Randolph BSIE Student Manager
Kevin Recinos BSBA Student Manager
Stephen Waller BSME Student Manager
Hollis Barton BSBMED Student Trainer
Margaret Ginn BSBA Student Trainer
Lauryn Zolondek BSME Student Trainer
Kaleigh Colson BSBA Volleyball
Quinn Evans BSBA Volleyball
Ivona Kolak BSBA Volleyball
Jennifer Percy BSBA Volleyball
Megan Breitbach BSBIO Women Track/Crs Ctry
Kellie Christian BSCS Women Track/Crs Ctry
Elena Hubbard BSBMED Women Track/Crs Ctry
Julienne McKee BSBA Women Track/Crs Ctry
Erica Penk MSDM Women Track/Crs Ctry
Briana Richardson BSCHBE Women Track/Crs Ctry
Bianca Stewart BSBA Women Track/Crs Ctry
Caroline Fore BSSTC Women's Swimming
Heidi Hatteberg MSAE Women's Swimming
Sarah Roethel BSMSE Women's Swimming
Alexandra Anghelescu BSBA Women's Tennis