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Technical Tidbits 4/28

Chris Bosh continues taking heat (haha, get it?) for his struggles, Connor Justus gets named to a watch list for a prestigious award, Georgia Tech suspends another player for the start of the season, and more on today's edition of Technical Tidbits!

Mike Ehrmann

Because everyone apparently feels that this year's offense will be absolutely inept and generally terrible, lets take a look at what Paul Johnson had to say on the topic coming out of spring practice. Even if you loathe and despise CPJ for every move he has ever made and every word he has ever uttered, you have to give the man credit for being honest. He does not sugar coat anything and he doesn't make excuses, so when he says that things will be better this year I believe him 100%. After all, name one other coach who would say "We suck/are terrible at running the triple-option" to the media during a post-game interview? Not many that I can think of. Johnson also makes a few good comments regarding running the triple-option in a no-huddle fashion in the article above and comments on Tim Byerly, two big topics of interest around the Georgia Tech community.

Miami Heat PF/C and former Yellow Jacket Chris Bosh has been struggling lately in postseason action as he and his two big-three counterparts, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James, vie for a three-peat as NBA Finals Champions. Bosh has had a history of postseason struggles and has consistently been made the scapegoat in years past when the Heat began to struggle against quality (or non-quality) opposition in key situations and moments of the season. While he certainly isn't the reason for any struggles his team may experience (he is part of the BIG-three for a reason), it certainly doesn't help that he missed a wide-open dunk as mentioned in the article above. Come on, Chris. Maybe he should have stayed around at Tech to fully play out his career. I would have appreciated it and he would have certainly gotten to work out his dunking ability.

Freshman SS Connor Justus has been named to the Brooks Wallace Award Watch List, which recognizes this best all-around shortstop in college baseball. Justus continues to exceed the expectations faced by most freshman with both his bat and glove, and is coming off his first ACC Player of the Week honor just a couple of weeks ago. The award, which was given to the most outstanding all-around player prior to 2009 when it was made exclusive to shortstops, has been given out since 2004, with Buster Posey (FSU) and Brad Miller (Clemson) winning it for the ACC so far. Other past winners include Cy Young Award winner David Price, Kurt Suzuki, Jedd Gyorko, and Alex Gordon. Justus joins five other ACC shortstops on the watch list, and the ACC's six total players named to the list is the highest of any conference.

Georgia Tech defensive lineman Darius Commissiong has been suspended for the first two games of the season, at Tulane and versus Wofford. Commissiong, a three-star recruit from Maryland, is expected to compete for the job at nose tackle this season after losing 25 pounds from the time he committed and could hold a big role on the Yellow Jacket team in between now and his graduation. He will be entering his RS-Freshman year this season and joins WR's Anthony Autry and Darren Waller on the bench for the first two games of the season.

Remember the days when it took more than a .500 finish to make it to a bowl game? If you do (which I don't), then you will be displeased (or maybe excited depending on your view of the situation) that the NCAA has decided to add a 40th bowl game to the schedule for the 2015 season. The game, which figures to be called the Cure Bowl and will help raise money for cancer research, will be played in Orlando (the third bowl game in that city alone!) and will probably feature a middle-of-the-pack tandem of AAC and Sun Belt schools. While there is no denying that the concept of a bowl to raise money for cancer research is a fantastic idea, it seems to me that 40 is an obscene number, especially when you consider how bad the attendance numbers for many bowls are. Lets face facts, attendance is down because no one cares that their team goes 6-6 and gets into the Meineke Car Care Bowl vs. Western Akansas Tech at Little Rock or goes 6-7 and makes it to the Sun Bowl (what kind of team would do that?) only to play in not so desirable location in city that is not remotely close to the fan-base. Oh, and the way to fix this problem is not by making more bowl games, by the way.

Daily Debate: How much is too much as far as bowl games? Would you still be excited if Georgia Tech got announced as a competitor in a low-tier bowl game versus a low-tier opponent, or has the concept of a bowl game lost its sparkle because everyone is in it these days?

Thanks for reading and try to make the most of the dreariest day of the week!