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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football: OL Trey Braun Ran the "GT Students" Account on Twitter and it was Awesome

Trey Braun sounds like one pretty funny dude, and you've gotta love it.

Paul Johnson, obviously upset there were no #selfieswithsuperiors.
Paul Johnson, obviously upset there were no #selfieswithsuperiors.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, over dead week at Georgia Tech, Offensive Lineman Trey Braun was at the helms of the GTStudents Twitter account, to some amazing results.

First, a little background. @GTStudents is a Twitter account owned by the Institute's Communications department. Every week (or so) they hand it off to different students to tweet, well, whatever. It's largely meant to display the diversity of the student body and give a more complete cross-section of what it's like to be a student at Georgia Tech. (I actually manned it for a week last summer!)

All that being said, rising junior OG Trey Braun had control of the Twitter account for a week recently, and you should be made aware of the fantastic results.

It went...okay:

Trey Braun and I share addictions:

Trey Braun, amateur meteorologist:

Don't tell the NCAA, but...

Trey Braun takes selfies:

Trey Braun was a '90s kid:

Trey Braun, amateur comedian:

Trey Braun is the man, is the man, is the man:

Trey Braun knows that feel:

Trey Braun takes a LOT more selfies:

Then there are #selfieswithstaff:

And of course, the classic #selfiesatskiles:

Trey Braun is --- AWWWWWWW:

I wasn't expecting #selfieswithshafts, but...


We even made it into #selfieswithstatues territory:

And who could forget the classic Dead Week #selfiesatstarbucks?

Awwww, #selfieswithsoulmates!

The lesson here? Trey Braun is a loveable, funny dude who's good at Twitter and succeeding as a Mechanical Engineering major at the same time that he's holding down the fort on the offensive line. I'm proud to call him a fellow Yellow Jacket, in every sense of the word!

EDIT: Trey Braun is learning me some new words: