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Georgia Tech Basketball: ACC Opponents Released

The ACC just release the ACC opponent pairing for the 2014-15 season. Let's check out who Tech will have to face!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Below is the break down for the ACC Matchups for the next two seasons for all teams.

All ACC Matchups for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

For Georgia Tech in 2014:

Home and Road: Clemson, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Wake Forest

Home Only: Florida State, NC State, Louisville, Boston College, Syracuse

Away Only: Miami, Duke, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh

So what does this mean? At first glance, this schedule is not too bad. It will be exciting to say the least. We have to play Clemson, Notre Dame, UNC, and Wake twice. Not miserable. We get to see Louisville and Syracuse at home. Unfortunately, we have to go to Duke, Virginia and Pitt which will be tough.

Georgia Tech will see an amazing home schedule. Fans will be able to see Notre Dame, UNC, Louisville, and Syracuse at home. These four teams alone are perennial power houses, three of which are very new to the ACC. Not to mention, Clemson and NC State and Boston College at home- three teams that Georgia Tech has had very exciting games against recently. I think Georgia Tech has a great opportunity to have some great home games, as well as an away schedule that is no where close to the toughest in the ACC. Tech will not have a cake walk this next season, but neither will anyone else. The addition of Louisville to the ACC will just be more support to the argument that the ACC is one of the best basketball conferences in the nation.

Syracuse will have to face Duke and Pitt twice. Pitt will have to face Louisville and Syracuse twice. UNC will see Duke and Louisville twice. Duke will have UNC and Syracuse twice. Louisville, in their first season in the ACC, might have the roughest schedule, with Pitt, Virginia, and UNC twice, along with Duke at home and Syracuse away.

All things considered, the ACC looks to be very competitive next season. Seeing these match ups, and who teams will have to face twice, this might be a very balanced top of the division. It will not be uncommon to see Duke, Syracuse, Virginia, Pitt, and Louisville with quite a few ACC losses by the end of next season.

What do y'all think? Excited for next season? Who will be the toughest opponents Tech will face?