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Georgia Tech's Bobby Jones: The Original Master

As the Masters has drawn to a close, we're reflecting on one of the game's all-time greats, who is himself an esteemed alumnus of Georgia Tech.

Golf is known as "A Gentlemen's Game". I believe it is the gentlemen that make the game; no other gentlemen carried class and swagger like Bobby Jones.

In the "Golden Age of Sports" in America, no one could swing a golf club quite like Bobby Jones. He was a winner of 15 major tournaments and never made one dime playing in them. A perfectionist and a hot-tempered young buck, Jones became golf's Babe Ruth. Everyone wanted to watch him play. He had the perfect swing, even for someone who had never taken lessons. By the age of 28, he accomplished a first in golf history: winning all four majors the same year (U.S. Open, British Open, U.S. Amateur, and British Amateur). This was the Grand Slam of golf and Jones on his final putt of the U.S. Amateur, grabbed his Calamity Jane(name of his putter) and sank the final nail in the classy Gene Homans coffin. Surrounded by 18,000 people, Homans and Jones were escorted off the field by a few Marines to protect them from the mad rush after the victory.

Bobby Jones was a gentlemen and a lover of the game. As a man whose fame grew, the press and fans followed him everywhere. Jones wanted a place to play where he could escape from it all and invite friends to join as members. A good friend of Jones, an investment banker and friend, Clifford Roberts teamed with Mr. Jones to create the Augusta National. Amateur play was becoming less common in golf and in Jones view, Augusta was the ideal location for a new major. The Masters Tournament became the newest major in golf and home to some of golf's most amazing players: Palmer, Nicholas, Hogan, Player, Watson, Faldo, Mickelson, and Woods are just a few who have had the privilege to wear the green jacket.

I believe we all get caught into the Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson hype. It's easy to watch guys who love the game and just make it look so easy. I also believe its always good to reflect on the players of the past and the ground work they laid for the future. Bobby Jones accomplished a lot at a very young age and hung up his clubs for good at the age of 29. The Masters was his creation. As we all watch our favorite players this weekend from our living room, lets remember the man who created our favorite event every spring, Bobby Jones, The King of Golfers.