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Venturing into Enemy Territory

I decided that since I was not going to be able to watch the baseball game against FSU (go Beesball!) that instead I would practice my spying, so I paid a visit to the uga spring game.

I like hobbies. They're fun. Today, I picked up a new one: spying. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the baseball game (where we destroyed FSU) today, so instead I decided to venture into enemy territory and do a little bit of spying.

For those of y'all that don't know (which I assume is most) I live smack-dab in uga country in Athens. Because of this, my Sunday School class at my church decided to go to the uga spring game. I decided I would go, since I couldn't watch the baseball game. Here are some of my observations:

uga throws A LOT of screen passes (still)

Does anyone else remember how last year, uga seemed to throw screen passes like every five plays? I do, so I came into the game expecting a lot of them. Sure enough, ole Mike Bobo hasn't changed a whole lot from that. From straight WR screens to bubble screens to HB slip screens, I think that took up about a third of their entire playbook.

uga's second-team offense isn't that great

I don't even know how many times uga's QB had to stick a hand out to the side to catch a shotgun snap from the back-up center. I lost count. As if that wasn't enough, they also bobbled and lost a snap towards the beginning of the scrimmage.

Hutson Mason is a pretty good QB and no one else on the roster really is

We saw this last year. When running a no-huddle, Mason is at the top of his game. There were some passes where he overthrew and some where he underthrew, but it was obvious that he was much more comfortable in the no-huddle (and the offense as a whole). Mason was clearly superior to his back-ups. Faton Bauta had some decent passes, but he still wasn't that great.

Todd Gurley is still a beast

Again, we saw this last year. This isn't news. If we want any chance of winning against them this year, we can't let Todd Gurley get loose.

Brendan Douglas is still a traitor

More non-news. I included this because he got stuffed a few times, and I started laughing. Strangely, I got some funny looks from the people around me when I did

uga's secondary is pretty good in man-to-man coverage

As many issues as I saw, this was actually one area where uga actually looked really good. I understand that the defense is supposed to be better than the offense at this point, but still. uga played a good bit of man coverage throughout the scrimmage. There were also enough tips from the secondary that a guy near me started having flashbacks to Josh Harvey-Clemons and the uga-Auburn game from a year ago.

All in all, uga looks to have another formidable team. Our best chance of winning will come from being able to contain Todd Gurley and Hutson Mason either not playing or having an off-day.

What do y'all think? Do we actually have a chance to beat the puppy dogs this year? Will we beat them?