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ESPN Tournament Challenge Results

I realized earlier that we never actually talked about the results, so we're gonna go ahead and do that now.

Chris Chambers

March Madness is over, and MLB season is officially in full swing. But before we get too involved with baseball, let's take a look at how good all of us are at guessing, I mean basketball analysis.

This year's winner of the From the Rumble Seat ESPN March Madness group was the ESPN user GoGreen250 with his/her appropriately-named bracket #Winning. GoGreen250 won our group with a final score of 780 points.

Here are the full results:

Place ESPN Username Bracket Name Total Points Champion
1 GoGreen250 #Winning 780 Michigan
2 Jay.Brown360 Jay Brown 730 Michigan State
3 chas.plaisance chas.plaisance 2 720 Duke
4 stumantre2 I stole the T 710 Michigan State
5 SZachok3 SZachok3 #1 690 Louisville
6 rbaki4 It's Awesome, Baby! 660 Michigan State
6 Fromtherumbleseat Paulaner is delicious 660 Michigan State
8 pulindian pulindian 1 630 Arizona
8 christiankid995 Joey Weaver 630 Florida
8 zgsegraves zgsegraves 1 630 Iowa State
11 e_timm JohnHeisman 620 Virginia
12 mattyfattypants LRMC 600 Louisville
13 orientalnc71 orientalnc71 1 590 Florida
14 Techguitarman LRMCwannabe 550 Arizona
14 cknut3 cknut3 1 550 Virginia
16 gtg542u Perry W 540 Duke
17 bat082994 bat082994 480 Virginia
18 npmuller67 npmuller67 1 0 No Pick

Congratulations to our winner! Your prize is the satisfaction that your guessing ability is better than the rest of ours. I have a question for Nate now (that's npmuller67 if you didn't put that together). How did you manage to forget your picks? I also want to thank you for being the only reason I didn't finish in last place.