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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Recruiting: Interview with Signee S Jalen Johnson

Over the past month I've interviewed a few of the most recent signing class, and wanted to share with you what they shared with me. Today's interview is with S Jalen Johnson.

Is (Jalen) Johnson the next ball-hawking safety at Georgia Tech?
Is (Jalen) Johnson the next ball-hawking safety at Georgia Tech?
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Jalen's recruit profile can be found here.

Which other schools were recruiting you, and why did you pick Georgia Tech over them?

I was being recruited heavily by Arkansas State, Memphis, and Southern Miss. I chose Georgia Tech because it gave me the opportunity to get a great education while playing the game I love! It also helped that it was close to home.

Were any of them recruiting you pre-injury or did any of them catch wind of you later in the process? (Jalen missed basically his entire senior year with an injury.)

No, all of them had offered before my injury.

Sounds like you guys are pretty tight as a class. Are there any guys you've gotten particularly close with, and do you know who you want to room with?

We definitely are. I got close to pretty much all the recruits during my official but I've probably talked to the twins (Lawrence and Lance Austin) more than the others. As for who I room with, it doesn't really matter. I like all of the guys coming in so whoever I room with is fine with me!

I know you play WR and S. Do you have a preference, and do you know which you will play at Tech?

I'll play wherever the coaching staff wants me to play, but if I had to choose it would be safety! That's where they told me they want me to play, but if they change it I'm OK with that too. Whatever is best for the team, I'll play!

Nice! Everyone loves a team player and our fan base will definitely appreciate hearing that.

Yes sir! That's what my high school coaches. That's probably the main reason we've been to the state championship each of the past 3 years and won it this year! Hopefully we'll use it to bring Georgia Tech a couple of championships!

Do you know what you want to study yet?

No, I'm not really sure on that right now.

Last question -- anything you want the fans to know about you?

Only that I'm going to work hard and do my best every day to make the team better in any way I can!

Thanks to Jalen for taking the time to chat with From the Rumble Seat! We're looking forward to having him and seeing what he can do.