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NSD Live with FTRS

Follow us live here for all National Signing Day coverage!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

From the Rumble Seat will be updating you throughout the day right here on all of the highs and lows of National Signing Day. Coverage can also be seen live on ESPN3 here.

The Jackets already have a handful of letters that have come in. In the order of receipt:

  • DE Michael Preddy
  • DE Antonio Simmons
  • DB Step Durham
  • OL Trey Klock
  • OL Andrew Marshall
  • DE Keshun Freeman
  • DB Lance Austin
  • DB Lawrence Austin

We can't predict this stuff y'all. All of the pay site speculation and rumors can be thrown out the window because until we get the letters from these guys, all is fair. That being said, I would really recommend watching the ESPN3 coverage, as the position coaches show highlight tapes, speak about their attributes and what they can bring to the system.... And let's be honestly, who doesn't like listening to Paul Johnson on live video feed.

We look forward to keeping y'all updated on all the action as the day goes on.. Here goes nothing! Fingers crossed for the best!