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Jackets struggle on offense, lose to Clemson

This Jackets vs. Clemson game, to put it bluntly, was quite boring.

Tyler Smith

Georgia Tech visited Clemson tonight for a mid-season ACC matchup in hopes of collecting Gregory's first back to back ACC win. The Jackets are coming off of a win against Wake Forest on the road, and a loss tonight puts them at 12-11(3-7) on the season. Clemson entered into this game having recently defeated Florida State on another low-scoring battle on the road. With their win tonight, Clemson is now 15-6(6-3) in the ACC. They entered at 5th in the ACC, which is surprisingly good.

Let's not sugarcoat this game at all, it was really boring. It was a lot of traveling, a lot of missed shots, and a lot of Daniel Miller. If it wasn't for him and his great night, the Yellow Jackets would not have had a chance. The Jackets had 15 turnovers and Marcus Georges-Hunt did not score a field goal for the first 31 minutes of the game. The Jackets struggle continued in the last minutes, when MGH missed a lay-up with seconds left in attempts to tie the game, which was then followed up by an offensive rebound and lay-up miss by Kam Holsey. This loss was Gregory's 5th to Clemson, four of which have been decided by less than 4 points. The good news was that Ron Wamer was able to gain some experience tonight at point as a walk-on and I think everyone is proud to see him getting some much deserved time. It's a double-edged sword, as we really can't win if we are relying on walk-on's, however these guys work very hard and deserve everything they accomplish.

Georgia Tech saw a surprise tonight, as Robert Carter Jr. was back in a jersey (but did not play) and Trae Golden did not dress. The understanding is that both players should be healthy enough to dress for the Virginia game at home this weekend, if they play is another story though. Robert is coming back from a knee surgery and Trae Golden is nursing a hamstring injury from early in the Wake game. These injuries take time and they can't be rushed back onto the court.

The Jackets return to McCamish to battle highly competitive UVA on Saturday at Noon. The second half of ACC play is underway and if the team has any hopes of having a post-season, the wins have to come ASAP. Unfortunately, the team has been plagued with injuries and tonight showed us that we cannot simply rely on MGH and Miller for our scoring.

Did anyone watch the game tonight? What did you think?