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Solomon Poole no longer a Yellow Jacket announced today that Solomon Poole will no longer be playing under Brian Gregory.

Streeter Lecka

The 6'0" highly recruited sophomore, Solomon Poole, was dismissed from the team due to "conduct and accountability issues" per

Solomon will remain enrolled at Georgia Tech for the remainder of the Spring semester before transferring most likely somewhere else. My sources have told me that team morale is "100% higher" since his dismissal a little over a week ago. While this announcement came to the public today, it does not come to much of a surprise as Poole has not played over the past few games. His last game was Jan. 7th vs. the Duke Blue Devils.

From what I understand, the new does not effect his brother Stacey, and his decision to play for Brian Gregory. While this is very upsetting news for the Jackets, thinning out the team even more, I think it is for the best. Solomon was never able to contribute to the program the way that was expected. From The Rumble Seat wishes Solomon the best and hopes that he straightens up and finds a program that better suits him and his playing style.

This dismissal allows for another scholarship spot for Gregory to fill for the following season, however this team has been plagued with injuries and losses to the team does not do us any good at this point. The bench/ walk-on's will have to continue to step up if the Jackets hope to be successful for the remainder of the season.

Poole played in 14 games this season, starting in the first five. He averaged 6.4 ppg and 2.0 assists.

What do y'all think? Are we upset about the news? What are we losing with Solomon? Long term, is this the best idea for Gregory and the Jackets?