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Mailbag 2/12 Questions

What will we be talking about in this week's Mailbag?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

So the Mailbag took a week off last week in honor of National Signing Day and the start of a new job by yours truly, but we're back this week with plenty of stuff to talk about. Since our last Mailbag post...

  • The dust settled on National Signing Day, with Myles Autry signing and Mike Rogers/Mike Sawyers ending up elsewhere.
  • The basketball team has experienced a rough patch, losing 3 of 4 and their senior starting PG. (They did see the return of Robert Carter, though.)
  • The baseball team got a lot closer to opening day.
  • The women's basketball team took down #13 UNC and Ty Marshall broke the all-time Georgia Tech women's scoring record!
  • Demaryius Thomas set a Super Bowl record with 13 receptions, and most or all of them happened with a separated shoulder.

The floor is yours. Ask away!

What questions do you have in the wake of all this, Tech fans? Anything on your mind you want discussed?