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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Recruiting: Meet Tre Jackson

Our series continues today with the Jackets' oldest remaining commitment, and one who reminds many of a highly popular recent Jacket.

Georgia Tech Athletics

Tre Jackson became Georgia Tech's second commitment on March 15, 2013, only three days after Miles Taylor became the first. However, Taylor's commitment didn't last, and so Jackson's is officially the oldest pledge to Georgia Tech in this class. Jackson is listed at 5'10", 225lbs, and comes with the nickname "Stonewall". He hails from the famed Lowndes High School in Valdosta, GA, and was high school teammates with uga OL signee Dyshon Sims. Jackson was rated by Rivals as the 11th-best LB in the state, and the 78th-ranked player in the state. He had no other reported offers, which may have been influenced by his extremely early commitment to Georgia Tech.

Watching Jackson's film, the first thing that becomes immediately obvious is that he's a very smart linebacker. He's patient, avoids over-pursuing, and does a really good job of watching the play develop. Frequently in his film, he's found plugging the hole on a run play or not fooled by a misdirectional run play. Also, with his short and stocky stature, he's got a real knack for using his leverage to bring a ballcarrier with a full head of steam to a complete halt -- likely the source of his nickname. Jackson does a fantastic job of covering what's in front of him, but may display issues with covering in the passing game. His highlights didn't show many clips of him working in pass coverage, and I have a feeling that's the reason why. Still, as a MLB his job will mainly be with run-stopping, and in that respect he's a solid ballplayer.

Also not to be ignored is the look he gives in his picture, which really could put a hole through a person. Even still, he's said to be extremely friendly, so long as you're not on the field. Jackson looks to be a solid MLB, and really seems to fit the mold of former Jacket Julian Burnett. Burnett, like Jackson, was listed at 5'10", 220lbs, with incredible strength and intensity, making him a major force in the middle of the Yellow Jackets' defense. With Jabari Hunt-Days and Anthony Harrell at MLB, it's unlikely that Jackson will see time as a freshman on defense, although he could make the field on special teams, especially given his vision and intelligence as a player.

Tre Jackson is rated as a 3-star by Rivals (5.5) and by the 247Sports Composite (.8217).

Impressed by Jackson? Think he was underrated or appropriately rated? Think he'll make the field as a freshman? Could he be the next major force at MLB for Georgia Tech?