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Georgia Tech Football: 3 Things to Watch for Against Florida State

Onto the ACC Championship we go!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Defense

You're darn right I'm gonna keep doing this because it keeps working. But again, the defense will be key, specifically in the second half.

Jameis Winston and the 'Noles have had a knack for sleeping  during the first half before showing up in the second half and take control of the game.

As BirdGT discussed in a post earlier this week, FSU has played two different kinds of football all year long. They have come out in the first half flat, turned the ball over, and have pretty much sucked.

Then, in the second half, they come out looking more like the team that they were last year. It's been peculiar to me the entire year. But the only Tech will win this game is if they don't let Florida State make that comeback like in previous games this season.

2. The Streak

FSU's streak began back in 2012 in a game that some argue shouldn't have happened in the first place: the ACC Championship Game between the 'Noles and Georgia Tech.

The 'Noles had been fairly good the entire year, being led by senior QB EJ Manuel and a talent-laden defense. They were the heavy favorites against a 6-6 Georgia Tech team that tripped into the game due to the ineligibility of both Miami and UNC.

FSU jumped out to a 21-6 lead by the end of the first half and looked to be in total control. Tech then realized that maybe they weren't quite out of this yet.

The Yellow Jackets stormed back and shut out the 'Noles in the second half and were attempting an upset on the final drive of the game when Tevin Washington threw an interception at the 36-yard line effectively ending Tech's upset bid.

I guarantee that Tech hasn't forgotten about that.

3. Turnovers

Tech's defense has been nearly completely reliant on turnovers this season. They have a total of 17 turnovers in the last five games alone.

Jameis Winston has been a turnover machine in the first half, but not as much in the second half. Also, in limited playing time, Dalvin Cook has fumbled twice and ,according to some rumblings I've heard, has had some trouble holding onto the ball during practice.

If Tech wants to win, they're going to have to turn the ball over, not just in the first half, but also the second half, something the 'Noles have been reluctant to do.