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Technical Tidbits 12/5

In which Paul Johnon's offense becomes a lot more attractive.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's amazing how a little bit of success can change the entire nation's view of Paul Johnson's offense. Just a few weeks ago it was considered an obsolete high school offense, but as it stands today many people see it as one of the most effective rushing attacks in the nation. Kirk Herbstreit is the latest well-known analyst to support Paul Johnson's scheme, and while I'm not claiming that Herbstreit is a bandwagon option fan by any means, an endorsement from a well-known and respected member of the media like him is great to have.

Georgia Tech will look to draw some confidence for their matchup against the Florida State Seminoles this weekend from their previous matchup against the Noles, a hard-fought loss back in 2012 as a heavy underdog to the eventual Orange Bowl champions. Georgia Tech was just 6-6 coming into that game, having won the ACC Coastal by default, and was thought to have no chance against a far-superior FSU squad. If you had asked anyone before that game what the score would have been, anyone would have expected a three to four possession loss. The final score? A tight 21-15 loss. That is a testament to how mentally tough Paul Johnson's team are, and it should provide some lasting momentum for the Jackets.

For years now, the ACC Championship game has fallen by the wayside while the spotlight has shone brightly on the SEC Championship, a game which frequently features two top 10 or even top 5 schools facing off. This season, however, is different; the SEC Championship is much less high-profile than the ACC title game, featuring the likes of underwhelming Missouri and powerhouse Alabama. This role reversal could mean great things for Tech -- it will certainly get the Jackets some more national exposure for their program which has struggled with recognition and the likes lately.

FSU's defensive coordinator Charles Kelly knows Georgia Tech all too well and will look to use that knowledge to his advantage when the Noles and Jackets square off this Saturday. Kelly served as a defensive assistant under Al Groh and as the interim defensive coordinator following Groh's dismissal in 2012, providing a small sample size which allowed him to get noticed and scooped up by Florida State. He was promoted this season to replace the departed Jeremy Pruitt and coach one of the most talented defenses in the nation.

Will Georgia Tech be able to carry momentum from two years ago into the championship?

Have a great weekend an Go Jackets!