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Addressing FSU Field Position Offensively and Defensively in 2014

A breakdown of FSU's performance based on field position and half because EVERYONE LOVES TO BREAK FSU STATS DOWN BY HALF!!! WOOO!!!

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports
The FSU defense and offense have interesting trends from first to second half. Both offense and defense start in approximately the same starting field position from half to half but the stats are pretty wild. The defense allowed opposing offenses to either attempt a field goal or score a touchdown on 45% of their drives in the first half but only about 30% in the second half. The defense locks down in the second half much the offense wakes up in the second half. Here is a breakdown of offenses versus the FSU defense based on starting field position yards to reach the FSU end zone.


To give you an idea of where the data points lie in the above chart, about 75% of all opposing drives begin between the opposing 21 yard line and FSU end zone while only about 34% of all drives against the FSU begin between the opposing 31 yard line and the FSU end zone. FSU does a great job of pinning opponents deep and forcing 80+ yard marches.

The FSU offense has been extensively discussed so the charts presented below need little explanation. The offense does not seem to do a good job of capitalizing on field position as they punt just as often as they score TD's starting on the positive side of the 50 in the first half! They also have A LOT OF TURNOVERS in the first half turning over almost 30% of all first half drives. However, if you take in to account all 1st half drives, they are still scoring TD's or kicking field goal attempts 45% of the time. The second half is just the definition of efficient offenses and is more similar to 2009 or 2014 Georgia Tech season averages where good field position = touchdowns and average field position still results in at least 3 points.


Any thoughts out there in TV land? Any questions?