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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders - Orange Bowl 2014

Can the Jackets get the job done on South Beach?

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images comes to this.

One last game...and you guys don't even know where you're at in the standings any more.

Pressure's on, huh?

That's right, we'll report back (likely next week) with final results for the season's over/unders. To get there, we first need to complete those for tomorrow's game. Below are the lines for the Orange Bowl against Mississippi State. One of them is a little abnormal. I tried to explain the line as best as I could in the description, but leave your questions below in the comments if you need any clarifications.

Be sure to get your selections in by kickoff of the 2014 Orange Bowl, currently scheduled for 8pm ET on December 31! Go Jackets!