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Technical Tidbits 12/3

In which we converse with dawgs.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A Georgia Tech win over uga means that we can all lighten up on the dwag hating just a little bit (maybe even capitalize uga once in a while), but this article is just too funny and accurate to let slide. I feel much more confident in my ability to have a conversation with angry puppies now that I've read that very informative piece. Step 5 (regarding uga's bowl aspirations) is the truest of them all -- no fan likes to talk about their team's bowl berth following a disappointing season, especially when their team has the potential to go full USC and not show up at all. Be sure not to forget to mention Tech's slim shot at making the playoffs and uga's lack thereof!

Just weeks after news broke that UAB was considering shutting down its football program in the near future, the Blazers made the official announcement that Saturday's road win over Southern Miss would be the last game ever for Alabama-Birmingham. The program has officially been shut down, as announced by president Ray Watts yesterday,and will likely mark the end of football in Legion Field, one of America's most historic stadiums but one which is in a current state of disrepair. The University will honor the scholarships of all athletes and coaches presently involved with UAB.

As you've heard, Georgia Tech came in ranked No. 11 in the latest CFP Poll, released yesterday. That is great news for the Jackets, but hardly the most surprising thing that went down in the rankings as yet another team jumped Florida State -- the TCU Horned Frogs are the latest to do so following a convincing win over Texas last week. This marks the third time another team has bypassed the (cremi)Noles in the rankings; one more would push Jameis and company out of the playoff picture for good. To be honest, a Florida State win over Tech this Saturday should guarantee them a playoff berth. I'd call B.S. if it didn't, as would much of the nation.

This last link can only be viewed via AJC subscription (sorry, it was just too cool to leave out) and focuses on Georgia Tech's cutting-edge method of cryotherapy, a recovery practice which uses hyper-cold nitrogen gas. It takes just three minutes to work as compared to fifteen in an ice bath and costs about $42,000 to buy. If you graduated from Georgia Tech, there is no reason that you aren't interested in this. Flat out.

How do you converse with dawgs?

Have a great Wednesday!