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FSU 1st Half and 2nd Half Offenses Compared

The FSU offense has crazy Jekyl and Hyde syndrome. When talking about exclusively total yardage, they are 46th overall. If the second half team were a separate team, they'd be a top 25 offense while the 1st half offense would be 70th at best. Yardage is just the tip of the iceberg.

An interesting aspect about Florida State's offense is that they really like to force the pass in the first half. They pass 57% of the time in the first half completing only about 60% of their passes for 7.3 yards per attempt. In the second half, the playcalling gets a little more even keel and Jameis completes about 67% of his passes for 9.2 yards per attempt. Rushing efficiency is about the same in first and second halves as they get about 4 yards per carry no matter what.


I think it's kinda neat that they only lose about 2 points per half with the major drop in passing efficiency per half. And really there's no difference in passing and rushing TD's on the season. They are just kicking a crap ton more field goals in the second half because instead of turning the ball over or punting, they are kicking field goals. FSU has punted 25 times in the first half and only 18 in the second half in 2014.


First Half Jameis would be the the nation's 65th best rated QB. The Second Half, Evil Jameis would be the nation's 10th best passer rated QB. And it's all about turnovers. FSU runs only about 23 plays in the first half prior to a turnover and 45 in the second. It's amazing how big a difference this is. Tech goes about 60 plays in the first half prior to a turnover and about 47 in the second half.