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The Obligatory Uniform Post: What uniform should Tech wear?

What will Tech show up in for the bowl game? Rumor has it from my fantasy league compatriots that Tech is going to be donning the Throwback Thursday unis. Tech has only worn this color combination 2 times since the Bud Carson Era and is 2-0 since the end of the original white helmet era of Bud Carson. When you say BUD CARSON, you said it all!

Tech's uniform combinations in the Internet Era
Tech's uniform combinations in the Internet Era
I had to bring up the obligatory uniform discussion prior to the bowl game. This is probably the most critical element of a bowl game you can discuss outside of offense, defense, special teams, attendance, and cheerleaders. I went back as far as I could on the internet (2001 season) to create the graphic above. That is a diagram of every uni combination we've worn at Tech since George O'Leary's final season. Only 9 different uniform combinations have been utilized. There are a few that have been avoided since 2001: All Gold French fry uniforms and navy pants with any color jersey. I'm not opposed to the navy pants and when you look around college football, it's hard to find a team that features navy pants outside of Duke.

Below is breakdown by uniform type since 2001 (navy bars) and CPJ era (white bars):


The other neat thing you see about the chart above is that CPJ has virtually eliminated the gold jersey. We've only worn a gold jersey three times since 2008. White helmets have become a popular alternate as of late. We only wore white helmets one time after Bud Carson's termination (with Chan against UVA in 2006) and CPJ has featured the white helmets 8 times in the last 40 games.

Looking good is important but so is winning. The winning-est CPJ uniform combination is still the most common, which is gold pants, white jersey, and gold hat (32-15 record). In a uniform change-up a couple years ago, Tech started wearing gold pants on the road as well so this uniform is becoming very common (21 times in the last 31 games). Only two uniform combinations have a better winning percentage than the staple gold/white/gold: white pants/gold jersey/white hat are 1-0 and white pants/navy jersey/white hats are also 1-0.

Mississippi State wants to wear white so Tech will be forced to wear a gold or navy uniform. This is where the rumor is emanating from for reprisal of the 2006 Throwback Thursday jerseys. The AJC is leading us to believe it'll be a new Navy that we've not worn yet this season. What are your thoughts?