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Technical Tidbits 12/23

In which we examine Brian Gregory's career on the Flats.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

When Georgia Tech makes the trip up to Dayton, Ohio to take on the Flyers tonight, it will be Brian Gregory's first trip back up north since the Jackets hired him away from Dayton a number of years ago. Under Gregory's leadership, the Flyers experienced one of the most successful periods in school history -- CBG  led Dayton to two NCAA Tournament appearances and finished his career with a 172-94 record. Seeing those numbers really makes me feel for Gregory. He had such a great thing going in Dayton and left it behind for a shot at an ACC school, which just hasn't panned out so far. I really hope that he doesn't regret his decision, and I especially hope that Tech fans see how fantastic a coach he really is despite his record. Go attend a game and watch him on the sidelines if you want to see how much he cares about this team.

Because I feel like Brian Gregory deserves more than one paragraph, I will go ahead and link you to this story for the upcoming game. Now, back to my CBG rant. Gregory is as good a defensive mind as you will find anywhere in the nation, whether it be in college basketball or otherwise. Why offense continues to elude his teams is a mystery to me, but I really think that it would help if they found a point guard who was not quite as much of a pass-first guy. The free throw issues are also totally unexplained, but there is not real reason to blame that on coaching. Georgia Tech is lucky to have a guy as capable and smart as him as a coach. Say what you want about his record, but he is a fantastic basketball coach who deserves more love than he gets.

Colorado State has reportedly found their new head coach in the form of Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, who will leave Athens in favor of Fort Collins to replace Jim McElwain. I despise the dwags as much as anyone, but I really do like Bobo and have a lot of respect for what he's done in Athens -- he is currently 40 and has spent all but one year since age 18 at Georgia in one form or another. That kind of dedication is admirable and unfortunately goes unnoticed too often in this day and age. He takes a lot of heat from uga fans and still sticks with his alma mater.

I completely forgot to mention this yesterday for some reason, but I think that our very own Atlanta Falcons are more than deserving of some recognition for sweeping the Saints this season following their 30-14 win on Sunday. This win caps off a 5-0 record against the NFC South, and the Falcons will have a chance to clinch the division and go 6-0 against the Bucs, Saints, and Panthers with a win over Carolina this Sunday. Interestingly, the Falcons are winning handily within the division, but are just 1-9 against everyone else with their lone win coming against the Cardinals.

Am I right to gush about Brian Gregory like this or should his time of the Flats be coming to an end?

Note: there will be no TT post on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Happy holidays!