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Georgia Tech Football Recruiting: Commits React to Yellow Jackets' Win Over georgia, Talk ACC Championship Game

We caught up with a few of Georgia Tech's commitments after the Jackets' big win over their in-state rivals!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
RB Mikell Lands-Davis

Any thoughts on the win?

Oh yeah! Great win! The team showed a lot of fight and came out with the win. It's a signature win that has me even more excited to work hard and earn my spot on the team.

Are you going to the ACC Championship Game? Any thoughts on that game?

No I wish, I have a basketball game that day. I like Georgia Tech's chances a lot. GT's D has forced a lot of turnovers this year and FSU has turned it over numerous times. If GT wins the TO battle and can keep Winston off the field by time of possession, I like GT a lot to win.

RB Omahri Jarrett

Any thoughts on the win?

Just perfect!

DL Kyle Henderson

Kyle -- thoughts on the win? Bet you and your dad are stoked right now!

Complete joy!! That was an amazing game!

Impressed with Ted Roof's defense?

They've been playing solid all year so I wasn't really surprised it ended with a turnover.

ATH TaQuon Marshall

Thoughts on the win?

Played Georgia tech football close at the end! But we pulled off. We run this state!!

Key to next weekend's ACC Championship Game?

Stop there big plays. And make big plays. Something good is gonna happen build on it. Something bad will happen overcome it!

OL Will Bryan

Will -- thoughts on the win? Were you there?

Gotta love the win!! I wasn't unfortunately but I watched every snap from my living room!

Going to the ACC Championship Game?

I'll be there!

Key to the game in your mind?

GT just has to control the ball and the clock. Prevent FSU from doing one of their second half comebacks