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Technical Tidbits 12/18

In which Bored High School Student makes a comeback.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Lost somewhere in all of the excitement and success that Tech has had lately is the fact that this current four-game stretch just might be the toughest in school history. The Jackets will face their fourth straight top 25 opponent when they take on Mississippi State, including their third straight top 10 foe. These four teams (No. 19 Clemson, No. 9 Georgia, No. 3 Florida State, and No. 7 Mississippi State) currently have a combined 41-8 record -- an 84% winning percentage. Say what you want about this Tech team, but to say that they have played a soft schedule would be dead wrong.

Baseball season tickets will go on sale soon, so be sure to secure yours if you hope to enjoy what promises to be a very successful season in person. The Jackets remain one of the youngest teams in the nation and have more than enough talent to make a deep postseason run if they can get it done during the regular season in one of the nation's premier baseball conferences, the ACC.

Bored High School Student, the author behind some of the most hilariously terrible stories you'll find, has struck again with his in-depth explanation of the Michigan coaching search. This man is nothing less than an artist; a wordsmith with talent deserving of a Nobel Prize. You won't find better insight anywhere else in the world. Some of the highlights:

If Rodriquez goes back to Michigan he will be comin home, tell the world he's comin home. That is what Lerbon James did with Cleveland Caveliers 2014 and now he is a national hero. Rich-Rodriguez can't dunk like "Lerbon Jamz" which is what ESPN likes to call him because of his really good jam dunks.

Such art.

Just hours after accepting the head coaching job at Youngstown State, former Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini absolutely ripped Cornhusker AD Shawn Eichorst for being both a kitty cat and poultry. Pelini was obviously not too happy with what was going on within the program, but this doesn't seem like the best way to prove it. No one likes a coach with diarrhea of the mouth, especially not prospective employers at DI schools.

Is this the toughest stretch of games in Tech's history?

Thanks a lot to orientalnc for filling in for me yesterday and thanks in advance to Wes for covering for me tomorrow. Have a great weekend!