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Technical Tidbits 12/17

Cade is studying for some nebulous final exam and asked for a one-play sub while he gets a rub down, Hurry back Cade. I do not have enough "NoDoz" to do this multiple nights.

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As mentioned on FTRS earlier, the Mississippi State DC will not be present at the Orange Bowl.  Does that really matter?   Well, read this.

Cade foolishly asked me to write today's TT because he has final exams today.  Ha!  Just how important are those exams?  One discrete indicator of their importance is that I survived.  OK.  OK. It was at UAB.  Not Georgia Tech.  I will make  the argument that finals at UAB were just as difficult for UAB students as finals are for GT students. But, maybe they are going away.

When Paul Johnson goes to church on Sunday, no one will be asking him if he is leaving his current job.  Not so Mark Richt.  Yet Richt is a finalist for the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year award. Huh?  Richt has the cushiest job in the NCAA.  He can recruit in the richest high school football state with almost no academic barriers, yet he cannot win as much as his fans ask.  Critics still claim CPJ cannot recruit cheerleaders to hype Woodford Reserve.

I can remember the turmoil  surrounding the departure of All Groh and the anxiety we felt. While it was not without its problems, TR has been a welcome change.   Who will be the next MSU DC? .

My local high school team entered the state finals in North Carolina averaging 51 points per game.  They were held to a field goal in the championship game.  Do match-ups matter?  Read this story about the game.

MaChelle Joseph was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. This is not a trivial honor.  Her plaque sits next to Larry Bird.'s  If Brian Gregory gets fired, would you be open to Joseph as the next men's coach?

For one game, does the DC really matter?  Can anyone, short of the New England Patriots, stop the Triple Option?