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Technical Tidbits 12/16

In which Dabo does Dabo things.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The status of Tech defender Jabari Hunt-Days remains up in the air following his academic ineligibility for the entire 2014 regular season. If you recall, there were some rumblings  a few weeks back about JHD being able to play in the Orange Bowl following his supposed academic improvement, but everything is very cloudy right now as to whether or not he will dress for action or not. I am personally very optimistic about the whole situation (don't doubt Jabari's drive), but it could really go any way at this point with nothing guaranteed.

Georgia Tech linebacker Quayshawn Nealy has accepted an invitation to play in the East vs. West Shrine Game, which is held annually in St. Petersburg and is a great way to showcase a player's skillset in front of NFL talent scouts. Nealy will be sorely missed on the Flats for seasons to come -- he has been one of the most consistent linebackers of the Paul Johnson era so far. He and PJ Davis have combined to form one of the most formidable linebacking duos in the entire conference this season, combining for three defensive touchdowns and plenty of tackles on the season.

Justin Thomas has been named a way-too-early Heisman Trophy hopeful by ESPN, a well deserved bit of recognition for his fantastic season and promising future. I really think that Thomas will have a good shot next season if he can keep things rolling -- a lot more of the offensive burden will likely fall on him after Tech loses most of its running back stable this offseason.

When it was announced that Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney played quarterback Deshaun Watson on a torn ACL during the Tigers' game against South Carolina, I wasted no time taking to Twitter with my displeasure. To play a guy who represents to future of your program with such a serious injury is plain stupid no matter what game it is in, not to mention completely irresponsible. If Paul Johnson had done something similar with Justin Thomas, I'd be calling for disciplinary action to be taken against him. At any rate, when Dabo announced that he'd played Watson with an injury, he also made his intention to play him in a bowl game more than clear -- a decision which has since been changed. I say good for Dabo and Radakovich for finally making the right call.

What do you think about Dabo playing Watson with an ACL tear? What if Paul Johnson had done that with Justin Thomas?

Have a great Tuesday!