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Laskey versus Days: The B-Back Battle of Brawling Bulls!

A breakdown of the two back's featured in Tech's spread option attack.

Laskey: Old School meets New School
Laskey: Old School meets New School
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

CPJ has gone through some interesting phases with his offense. He's had great feature B-Backs like Jon Dwyer and Anthony Allen. He's had feature A-Backs like Orwin Smith. He's had some feature QB's like Tevin Washington. To me, a strong indicator of the season's outcome has been consistency from the B-Back and QB position and this year was one of the best in the CPJ era thanks to Zach Laskey and Synjyn Days. Between the two, they are averaging 5.2 yards per play and picking up a first down or touchdown on 32% of their plays. And between the two, they only fumble 1.6% of the time and gain at least a yard on 94% of all plays. So, let's compare the two. Below is a breakdown of the yards picked up as a percentage of their total offensive touches:


It's quite amazing how similar their stats are and I think it's because CPJ is calling the same play no matter who his B-Back is. Both have 54% of their carries on 1st down, roughly 36% of their carries on 2nd down, and the remaining 10% on 3rd/4th. I do think CPJ has leaned more heavily on Laskey in the clutch, however. Laskey has racked up 109 carries versus Days only has 51 carries when Tech is tied or losing. This may be due to Days higher fumble rate or the fact that Tech really struggled at the outset of the season prior to Laskey's injury.


Countering the fumble issue, Days has really carried the B-Back position down the stretch. He's gotten 74.5% of the B-Back carries since UNC and Tech has gone 5-1 in those games. Nay we forget NC State where Days made Art Norman look like Julius Hodge.

So what say you FTRS fans? Who starts against MSU?