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Technical Tidbits 12/12

In which our Jackets bring home new bling.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Note: I'm sorry for how short this is going to have to be, but I'm trying to get prepared for finals. Hooray?

You know, it is pretty hilarious that guard Shaquille Mason was not good enough to make first-team All-ACC, but he was somehow good enough to be named to the first-team All-America squad by USA Today. That really just goes to show you how great the ACC media is at screwing things up -- Shaq was a massive snub from the All-ACC team despite having one of the best seasons by any guard in the nation. I can't express how grateful I am for the national media (how often does a Tech fan get to say that?) for their ability to finally get one right. Congratulations to Mason, Tech's 60th all-time All-ACC recipient. Check out the FTRS write-up right here.

Shaq Mason wasn't the only Jacket to bring home a big award -- defensive end KeShun Freeman was named to the All-American true freshman team. I really can't wait to see what kind of player a guy as talented as Freeman can become on the Flats, and thankfully for us he has another three seasons to to grow with our great defensive staff. He did a great job all season, especially when you consider that he had to generate just about all of Tech's pass-rush by himself.

We all knew that the transfer of PF Robert Carter this offseason meant that then-small forward and current shooting guard Marcus Georges-Hunt would have to take over a much larger role on the team, and he has done just that -- MGH has been great both on the floor and off of it for Brian Gregory, showcasing both his basketball savvy and off-the-court leadership. When MGH is clicking, Tech's offense is as well. Hopefully he will be able to keep playing at a high level all season.

Be sure to check out these awesome maps detailing where exactly all of the players for each playoff team came from. It is really amazing to see how far the branches of recruiting can go for programs such as Alabama and Oregon, and hopefully Tech will find some way to channel this new-found success into some nice recruiting momentum moving forward.

What other Jackets deserved All-American consideration?

Have a great weekend!