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Technical Tidbits 12/1

In which Tech cements an Orange Bowl berth.

Most of the hedges were confiscated by salty uga security guards.
Most of the hedges were confiscated by salty uga security guards.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Note: I apologize in advance for the brevity of this post. Whoever said that MARTA is SMARTA lied to us all because I just sat on a train for way too long with way too many fellow Falcons fans. Good win, bad commute.

Georgia Tech may have won the battle against bitter rival uga, but it didn't come cheap -- the Jackets lost star receiver DeAndre Smelter, who will likely miss the ACC Championship against Florida State. Smelter could have had a huge game if he hadn't been knocked out by a georgia defender early in the game on what I'd consider a pretty dirty play. You don't need to tackle someone twice.

The Bulldogs pissed off the wrong B-Back on Saturday. Similarly, they threw at the wrong corner in a late game situation when DJ White came away with the game-ending interception in overtime; a thing of beauty to say the least. In fact, I've never been so excited over the outcome of a singe game in my whole life. It was that special. I never want this 2014 campaign to end just because I've totally fallen in love with everything about this team.

New bowl projections have Tech going down to Coral Gables to face off with Michigan State in the Orange Bowl, a berth which the Jackets have all but clinched with their Saturday win. In fact, it would take some utter BS for Tech not to make it to the Orange Bowl. The Jackets should be at least 5-6 spots ahead of the next-highest ACC team, and a loss to FSU should not hurt us at all in the standings while a win wound guarantee us a berth. Maybe all of us Tech fans will have enough time to sit back and watch uga take on Nebraska in the Outback Bowl for the third straight year. I just hope that Ohio State does us a solid and beats Wisconsin, because Melvin Gordon is not someone I want to face off with.

I'll leave you today with the highlights from Tech's gigantic win on Saturday. That was just so beautiful, especially when you consider that the dwag fans couldn't say that we won out of luck. You can tell that Tech is the better team because we won even though the referees did everything they could to stop us. FERWERD PRAWGRESS AINT A THANG, PAWWWWWWL.

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