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GT - NCST Halftime Report

This has been a crazy game so far!

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

This has definitely been an interesting half so far. Georgia Tech is currently leading 35-16.

Things started well for Tech holding NC State to a three-and-out in their first drive. Quarterback Justin Thomas then led the offense on a seven-play, 56-yard drive, culminating in a 16-yard touchdown run.

On the ensuing drive, either NC State's offense showed up to the game or Ted Roof's defense did. Quarterback Jacoby Brissett led a masterful nine-play, 77-yard touchdown drive that ended with a 15-yard touchdown run from him. The PAT would be blocked, however.

Brissett and the Wolfpack would come back on offense after a Synjyn Days-fumble. Matt Dayes scored the touchdown for the Wolfpack on this drive, running it in from 17 yards out.

NC State's Dayes has been pretty good, but Tech's Days has been way better. On the ensuing drive, Days finished it with a 53-yard touchdown run, which put him over 100 yards....IN THE FIRST QUARTER.

And then, this game got strange. Following the Days touchdown, NC State was driving down the field again and Brissett drops back to pass, only to have the ball bounce off the foot of one of the players and into the hands of Quayshawn Nealy.

As Nealy was running the ball back toward the Tech side of the field, he is caught from behind by freshman Jaylen Saunders. Saunders stripped Nealy of the ball and the Wolfpack had it back.

Two plays later, Brissett is back to pass again, and he throws it to DJ White who had cut off the route. White then did what Nealy couldn't finish and ran it back for the touchdown.

On the ensuing drive, NC State is driving again, and as they are, Tyler Marcordes comes up with a huge sack which knocks out the ball from Brissett. Nealy picks the ball up and runs into the endzone.

After failing to do anything on the ensuing drive, NC State was forced to punt and Georgia Tech was able to get their first offensive snap in the second quarter. They drove down the field and the Touchdown Vulture, Tim Byerly, capped the drive off with a two-yard touchdown run.

NC State wasn't done for this half, though. They made quick work of Tech's defense, and quickly got into field goal range for their kicker Niklas Sade, who was able to kick a 46-yard field goal as time ran out.

The first half was a little rough for the defense who couldn't seem to stop Jacoby Brissett at all. If they want to keep a comfortable lead, they will need to do that.