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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders - NC State 2014

Can the Jackets keep their momentum rolling in Raleigh with a matchup against Clemson on the horizon?

Michael Chang

Last Week's Results

Username Score Username Score
jerrlee 6 TechTiger52 4
DressHerInWhiteAndGold 5 nkmort 4
PeterInVA 5 ITPatlien 4
Atlanta's Original Team 5 Studastill 4
If Do Right, No Can Defense 5 chilidogringsfo 4
bo_w 5 smathis93 4
dhbartlett 5 thebugman10 4
JackAdamParker 5 jgtengineer 4
rarmijo3 5 Joel Hernandez 4
biggtfan 5 Tyler Duke 4
Buddy Smiggins 5 repingtinraleigh 4
packerman 4 nygooch 4
Fear the Bees 4 Average 3.373

MVP of the week was user jerrlee, whose perfect score of 6 has quietly worked him into a tie for third overall on the season! Impressive showing to you, jerrlee. Additionally, there were 10 users who went for 5 of 6 correct picks -- I'm going to have to up my game in setting these lines. Congrats to all of those winners this week. Again, the staff was led by Atlanta's original team, while Tyler Duke again made a strong showing with 4 correct picks.

I'm starting to realize I'm not very good at picking against my own lines -- at least, I'm not as good as most of you would seem to be. I got 2 correct, which is extremely disappointing, although that tie with Grant, acedarney, and MagnaCarterGT still didn't make us staff co-LVPs. That honor went to Ben Tankersley, whose 1 correct pick tied him with reggieball for overall LVP of the week. Ben, this is going to come up on your performance review.

Average for the week was just short of 3.4 correct picks, even with three lines coming in at a sub-50% success rate. (The other 3 lines had success rates of 72.9%, 78%, and 91.5%.)

Season Leaderboard

Username Weeks Participated Total Score Username Weeks Participated Total Score
ClavinCliff 9 40 ITPatlien 9 33
Tyler Duke 9 39 Caplax 9 32
JStew_GT 9 38 repingtinraleigh 9 31
Yeller Bug 9 38 gdheffley 9 31
jerrlee 9 38 JacksonJacket 8 31
Atlanta's Original Team 9 38 Buzzgtg776g 9 30
dhbartlett 9 37 Ben.Tankersley 9 30
gtee03 9 37 reggieball 9 30
PeterInVA 9 36 kenneth bonner 8 29
Buddy Smiggins 9 35 JohnHeisman 8 28
sporeman 9 35 pulindian 8 28
TechTiger52 9 35 Joey Weaver 9 28
MagnaCarterGT 9 34 zetaman 7 28
JoshJGT 8 34 ForeverGold18 9 28
Fear the Bees 8 34 SliceMonkey 8 28
JackAdamParker 9 33 nkmort 7 28

ClavinCliff is clinging on to his lead with 40 correct picks on the year (near 4.5 correct per week), but he's got a surging Tyler Duke hot on his tail, now in sole possession of second place. Right behind him is a set of four contestants, with one being staff member Atlanta's original team. Meanwhile, the guy setting the lines is tied for 25th with a whole bunch of people that have almost all had at least one fewer week of selections. I'm averaging just barely over 3 correct picks per week -- which, shouldn't I be right around 50% of the time if I'm doing this right? Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I'll investigate and report back.

See the full Virginia game results and season leaderboard here: link.

NC State Lines

This week's over/unders are below. All of the lines are fairly straightforward, but as always, leave any questions in the comments. Get to picking!

All selections due by kickoff of the Georgia Tech-NC State game on Saturday.