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Technical Tidbits 11/7

In which Georgia Tech dominates the Tobacco Road.

Streeter Lecka

Georgia Tech's domination of the Tar Heel state has been both thorough and consistent, a trend which the Jackets will hope to continue against a tough NC State team this Saturday. Tech had won 7 straight match-ups in North Carolina prior to the loss to UNC this season, a stretch dating back all the way to 2009. Over their last 22 trips up to NC, our Jackets have compiled an 18-4 mark against the four solid Tobacco Road teams in NCSU, Duke, UNC, and Wake Forest. Now I'm no mathymagician, but I'd say that an 82% winning percentage is pretty solid. Kudos to Tech for a decade plus of domination away from the Flats.

Georgia Tech's game against Clemson will mark the beginning of the annual Michael Isenhour Toy Drive, an event with a goal of collecting as many toys as possible for underprivileged youth. These types of fundraisers seem like such small gestures. but they really can make a child's day. It's a worthwhile investment to say the least.

When I first read the title of the article "Who's clutch in the ACC on third-and-long", my immediate thought was as follows: not our defense. I then proceeded to cringe at the thought of all those third-and-20s that have been converted against Tech, but quickly realized that, as the article hints at, our very own Justin Thomas is one of the best third-down players in the nation. Clutch play is something that Tech has seemed to lack in recent seasons -- fourth quarter comebacks were, after all, few and far between prior to this season -- though Justin Thomas seems to be changing that. To call him an exciting player is an understatement, and I'd rant about him every day if I had the opportunity.

In an unusual change of fate, it appears that the UAB Blazers may in fact be in the process of losing their football program at the end of the 2016 season. In this day and age, it is nearly unheard of for middle-tier schools to flat out drop a sport like that, and it would truly be a shame for UAB to pay that ultimate price. I was fortunate enough to make the trip down to Birmingham a few years ago to see the then-BBVA Compass Bowl, a game between Ole Miss and Pitt, and it seemed for all the world that they had everything going for them. All of the fans I saw were great, the stadium is more than serviceable, and everyone seemed very proud of their Blazers despite some struggles of late.

What does JT's success of third-and-long tell you about him as a player?

Have a great weekend!